The Father Says Today: February 28th, 2016

Daily Prophetic Word 2016The Father says today I have heard you in a day appointed. In death it is appointed once to die but in life it is appointed ever to live. I ever liveth therefore you ever liveth says the Father. It is a sacred thing that I do on the inside of you. Your inward parts are being stirred by the hand of My glory. My face you will behold and My hand will stir your bowels that you might know and experience in a real and powerful way the transforming life that makes you a new creation. Put on life this day says the Father. Put on the life – the ZOE life that I paid the price of Calvary that you might lay hold on and appropriate. This is the release. This is the time such as this that you are manifesting as My beloved – that you might drink of My yes and My amen.
Rise up says the Father and be who I have said you are. Do what I have called you to do. Banish fear. Banish unbelief. Pour out your heart like a drink offering and I will so bless and so move that your life and the lives of those around you will be rendered unrecognizable for the glory that I will shed forth upon you. It is a new day. It is a new time says the Father – even fullness of time upon your life and My CHOSEN NOW SEASON is breaking forth to bring change and transformation and rejoicing in you this day says your God!

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