Conquering the Spirit of Python, Part 2

God is Neither Republican or Democrat:

Make no mistake: God is neither a Democrat or a Republican. The Republican party in particular bears the greater accountability because they have coopted the theme of God and Country in order to advance their agenda and maintain their position in the nation. The Republican party has used religious themes and false piety to garner the vote and promise justice to the common man. All the while they oppress the poor with their policies and grind the faces of the widow and the orphan and they wipe their mouth as say they have done nothing wrong – its just free enterprise. This strategy of hypocrisy and false piety has worked for decades but the Lord saw it and has removed the bishop prick of the conservative party and given to the liberal political machine. The Reagan years says the Lord are OVER!

The People are Weighed Down with the Bad News: Where is the GOOD NEWS?

These warring ideologies in promulgating their views will prognosticate the dire outcome if their policies are not implemented. They go on to demonize any opposing viewpoint. The resulting impact of such vociferous and antagonistic punditry is to leave the viewing public and the voting citizen chagrined and in panic over the fate of our nation and the western world in general.

I have counseled and prayed with many who are paralyzed with fear, unable to catch their breath, waking up in the night in the grip of terrors they can neither define nor escape from. Everywhere the alarmist mentality is gaining the upper hand. Pulpits and preachers who are called to preach the good news are becoming increasingly political and falling into the error of attaching the badge of moral shame to anyone who doesn’t agree with their politics. This is a grievous error and has largely derailed the church from its primary mission of preaching the gospel and bringing the good news to a darkened and captive culture.

The church today sees the outlook as bleak because they have looked to the political process where they should have maintained their confidence in the power of prayer and the influence of the kingdom of God in the earth. The church has chosen the political process as their champion but the political process has exhausted itself in seeking to answer the needs of the world today. On every hand the church has insinuated itself into the political arena and shot itself in the foot every time.

Every president that the church put in office has failed to keep his promise. Prayer and God have been ejected from our schools. Abortion runs unchecked. All the while the church has put its time, effort, and resources behind politicians and the Republican party who have broken promise after promise and rather than repent and admit their powerlessness they simply vilify the Democrats and insist that FOUR MORE YEARS is the answer. To all of this God declares through the prophet Zecheriah:

Zec 4:6 – Then he answered and spake unto me, saying, This [is] the word of the LORD unto Zerubbabel, saying, Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the LORD of hosts.

The words MIGHT and POWER translate as CONTROL and INFLUENCE. I hear the Father say:

It isn’t men’s power and it’s not men’s influence that is going to get the things done in the earth that I am going to do say the Lord but I am looking for a person who will draw themselves away with Me and sequester themselves to MY PRESENCE that I might release My Glory as I did when the prophets of old challenged kings and brought nations to heel at the word of their mouths because they stood by Me says the Father and I stood by them.

Paul the Apostle’s Encounter with the Python Spirit:

Paul the apostle dealt with this spirit in his day when he entered the city of Philippi after responding to a vision to bring the gospel to Macedonia:

Act 16:9 – And a vision appeared to Paul in the night; There stood a man of Macedonia, and prayed him, saying, Come over into Macedonia, and help us.

The python spirit will track you when you are responding to a vision. Pythons have very poor eyesight and hearing but they have a very keen sense of smell. They can also very accurately sense after heat and vibrations. Their heat seeking organs are in their mouth – that is why a python spirit when it senses the heat of God’s glory immediately opens its mouth to speak interference against the anointing.

Paul experienced this when he went to Macedonia. He immediately encounters a python spirit operating through a woman who followed them for days crying “these men are the great power of God!!” Now you have to realize what Paul was dealing with. The Pythian mediums of his day didn’t just give false words. When the prophecies came out of them the voices came out of their bellies and other orifices of their bodies in a very weird and distracting way. The Python spirit wants attention. It wants to get in front of the camera but not only that it wants the attention of the person in the room or meeting that has the anointing and power of God residing upon them. A python spirit will be your amen corner in every meeting you put up with them.

So when you receive your vision and articulate that vision and act on that vision be vigilant and be prepared. Don’t be ignorant of the devil’s devices and don’t fall into the snare of giving him the reaction that he will try to make you think you have no option but to give him.

Paul dealt with the python spirit more by his actions then he did by praying “I rebuke the spirit of python”. Your prayers against the spirit of python will be ineffective unless you also identify in your thinking and lifestyle and actions the things that attracted that spirit to you in the first place

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