A Prophetic Word for the Year Ahead – 2024

The Father says today, with a voice speaking not in hushed tones but with a thunderous clarity that echoes through the chambers of your soul, “This year, 2024, marks not a gentle ascent but a steep climb, a trial by fire for hearts of faith and spirits unbowed.” No room for timidity, child, for the enemy, stands brazen, his shadows stretched across the land. He may whisper tempting promises of “might” and “power,” but I say beware of their hollow allure. Remember, it is by My Spirit, not earthly machinations, that I weave my tapestry of triumph on Earth.

Prophet Russ – I’m Stepping Out in Boldness – Today!

Do not, I implore you, become ensnared in the deception of natural things used wrongfully to bring about spiritual outcomes. Your gaze must soar beyond the mire of earthly conflicts, rising to that throne room bathed in celestial light, where I have called you to sit, a co-ruler, an instrument of change in My kingdom. From this celestial vantage point, wage your warfare, wielding the sword of the Spirit, your voice a clarion call against darkness.

Prophet Russ – I’m Seated in Heavenly Places in Christ – Today!

For the enemy, ever the sly serpent has marked My Church, his venom seeping into its sanctuaries, breeding dissension, and sowing doubt. His whispers, disguised as soothing murmurs of reconciliation, will slither into your ears, promising a reunion with long-lost blessings. Beware their sweetness, child, for they mask a bitter deception. True peace, built on compromise with darkness, is but a phantom. My way is not one of appeasement but of righteous confrontation.

Prophet Russ – I Won’t Fall to the Devil’s Deceptions!

Rise, My warrior, stand tall amongst the slumbering ranks. Ascend in worship and descend in warfare! Let your voice pierce the fog of complacency, unmasking the lies that have held others captive for so long a time. Speak not on your feet to men, but on your knees in warrior prayers, to the principalities and powers that have unleashed their terror upon this nation; your words will imbued by My hand with the fire of My righteous anger to expose the enemy and strengthen the resolve of My people to take the spoil I have accorded as their own even that which has been laid up for millennia for this day and this people who look to Me rather than to the arm of flesh.

Prophet Russ – I’m Ascending in Worship and Descending in Warfare – Today!

The serpent, Python, writhes in high places, spewing forth visions of peace while whispering rebellion in the hearts of men. His agents walk among you, veiled in piety, their voices carrying echoes of ancient falsehoods. Be vigilant, child, discern their poison and sever their coils and tendrils with the unwavering blade of the truth of My word.

The tremors of change will ripple across the globe, even shaping the sands of the Middle East. A land bridge, a passage of commerce and cultural exchange, will be built between Arab lands and Jerusalem. The enemy has one idea for this, but it will be built and will rise, not as a tool of the enemy, but as a conduit for My Word. Though fear may grip the hearts of many, see it as a harbinger of hope, a path carved for the Gospel to reach far into the desert sands.

Do not flinch, child, though the world may roar in chaos. The outcome of this earthly drama, the very election you ponder, rests not in the hands of fallible men but in the grand orchestration of My will. Man pulls the voting level, but I decide the outcome, make no mistake! In the midst of this seeming pandemonium, I move, setting Python, the lurker, and manipulator, against Leviathan, the king of all the children of pride, as I turn Israel’s ancient enemies against themselves. These emperors of darkness will battle against one another, and their very struggle will pave the way for a seismic shift in the hearts of men.

Prophet Russ – I’m Not Flinching at the Feints of the Enemy!

Tremble not, but embrace the fire of this trial. Let it forge your resolve, ignite your compassion, and propel you forward. Take to the streets, reclaim the public square, your voice echoing the clarion call of William Booth of Salvation Army fame. Become a culture-shifter, an agent of My transformative love. Stand in your ranks and witness the mighty army I am raising up to set the plans of the enemy back 100 years in the global scheme of things. It isn’t going backward; it is going forward, and nations will once again tremble at the words of My men and women and know they will be irrevocably among those whose knees will bow and confess even against their nature as My kingdom is established and My work in the earth advanced even through your life and seeming insignificance.

This year, My child is not for the faint of heart. It is a crucible, a battle cry, a call to arms for those who refuse to bow to the shadows. Trust in My hand, for even in the darkest night, I am your shield, your sword, your unwavering light. Walk in love, fight with unyielding faith, and let the world tremble at the sound of your triumphant step.

Remember, I am with you, always. Go forth, and conquer.

Prophet Russ – This Word Resonates with Me! I accept and believe In the blessing in my life today!

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