Imagine Spending an Entire Day One on One with a Seasoned Prophetic Ministry:

Prophets Russ and Kitty are available – are you ready? In addition to prophetic counseling, personal prophecy, Russ and Kitty also provide personal mentoring weekends. This level of ministry takes quality time and face to face relationship building.  In this intimate one-on-one setting Prophets Russ and Kitty take what the Father has given to them and impart it to you in a living and powerful way. Our goal is to activate who Jesus is in your life and establish the paternity of God the Father within you in a manner that totally transforms your future.

What’s Involved?

Personal mentoring includes spending a weekend of ministry time one on one with Russ and Kitty (weekdays also available). Together with you we will sit at the Master’s feet and release to you words of transformation and breakthrough. You will never be the same. Your ministry will launch, brokenness will begin to mend, vision will become clear, financial barriers will be addressed. No issue will be left unchallenged, no need will be overlooked.

The sessions  take place at our location in Branson Missouri. Included with the requisite donation your meals, lodging and optional entertainment are provided for. Prophetic mentoring takes place in a relaxed atmosphere, spending time under prophetic anointing to realign your heart with highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled. God’s default position toward you is yes – prophetic mentoring will activate the breaker anointing in your behalf.

Your time in Branson:  Branson Missouri is a resort town with 26,000 hotel rooms, 100’s of fine restaurants and dozens of wonderful God-themed theatres, shows and gospel music. As time permits after quality ministry sessions you will accompany Russ and Kitty to one or more of Branson’s faith based, God centered top attractions all provided as part of your Mentoring Day.

What is the Outcome?

Personal mentoring with Russ and Kitty Walden will cover the areas of reinvention; upgrading your perspectives of current circumstances; gaining fresh wisdom; determining new favor; and adjusting your thinking to a God consciousness reality that will rewrite your future and your destiny.

What is the Expense?

Note: If you haven’t requested personal prophecy or prophetic counseling you should consider doing so BEFORE asking for this level of ministry. You can also request a pastoral call as well. For many this is a once in a lifetime opportunity therefore our commitment to you is to pour everything into your life from our gifting and calling that is relevant to your situation and applicable to your circumstance. Change is available, change is possible, are you ready to move forward?


$1,000.00. Hotel and meals are provided by us. (an installment plan is available for those with budgetary issues). You are also responsible to provide your own transportation to Branson. We will provide shuttle service to and from the airport (SGF) if you are flying in.

How Do I Proceed?

To request Personal Mentoring with Russ and Kitty, please fill out the Request Form and click submit we will contact you to schedule. When you click submit you will be take to a Paypal link to make your $1,000 donation and we will follow up with you by phone or e-mail shortly. If you wish to use the regular mails send to Father’s Heart Ministry P.O. Box 1915 Branson, MO 65615.

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