What is an Open Heaven?


Product Description:

A New Study by Prophet Russ Walden: Just What IS an Open Heaven? We hear much about an open heaven. What exactly IS an open heaven, and what does it mean to walk under an open heaven in your life? In this study, Prophet Russ Walden examines from the revelation of the scriptures what an open heaven is and how to cooperate with the open heaven when it shows up in your life. King David understood this when he declared “The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places (Psa. 16:6). An open heaven in your life will redraw the lay lines of favor and blessing in your situation. Do you feel shut off in life? Are doors being slammed in your face? When the doors open in heaven then doors, opportunity, favor, and radical blessing open on the earth. This study will transition you and change your circumstance if you will apply it’s timeless truths to your heart and to your life for radical change.  (PDF/e-Book).