Why Are You Sleeping Under Your Juniper Tree? (PDF/e-Book)

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In 1 Kings 19 we find Elijah having slain 450 prophets of Baal, is now on the run from Jezebel who had threatened his life. Apparently, the stress was too much, and rather than challenge Jezebel, he flees, goes into the wilderness and collapses, helpless and despairing under a Juniper tree. This is interesting because prophets that are despairing in their assignments tended to have thought- provoking experiences with the flora and fauna around them. Elijah has a visit from an angel under a Juniper text in our text. Jonah on the other hand, lay despairing and mourning under a gourd that had sheltered him when God Himself spoke to Jonah, correcting Jonah’s thinking about the repentance of Nineveh.

Can you relate to Elijah? Have you ever been under maximum pressure for a prolonged period of time and just wanted to give up? Have you like Paul had your share of struggles and challenges to the point of just wanted to die? (pdf/d-book)

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