The Jericho Drive NOW BECOMES the Global Prophetic Initiative:

In Oct. 2012 till Oct. 2013 Russ and Kitty gave up their home, their possessions, selling ALL and went on a 12 Month – 12 City Assignment to Preach, Teach and Prophesy throughout the United States. Theirs was an all out commitment to this prophetic act. The Jericho Drive was the beginning of a three year assignment which now transitions to an international emphasis. Russ and Kitty will continue to travel in the USA but also purpose in 2014 to take their prophetic assignment to the nations. This campaign is called the GLOBAL PROPHETIC INITIATIVE.


So at this pivotal time of transition we want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for partnering with us and supporting us in the Jericho Drive. To learn more about the JERICHO DRIVE CLICK HERE .  You can read under the link at left about all the places we traveled and the good things that God showed up for from coast to coast.

We invite you to participate with us now in the second part of our assignment as we turn to an international emphasis as well as continued travel throughout the USA.

Support the Global Prophetic Initiative:

To support Russ and Kitty in this GLOBAL PROPHETIC INITIATIVE see donation options below below:
You can make a one time donation or make a monthly commitment by using the following links:

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  • nadinewood says:

    Thank you Father Heart and Kitty for giving me peace I feel very bless with the word from god thank you for keeping me closer to god with these power full words I know I’m on my way to heaven pray for me for more wisdom understand more of God work Amen

  • James says:

    Truly the both of you are prophets of The Lord Jesus christ you were right on the mark in the word spoken over my life step forward don’t worry about what people think of me focus on who God says that I am put the past behind me . I thank God for you both Russ and kitty keep on keeping on in The Lord and may you never want for anything I pray long life and great health and that your latter years be your greater years …… God bless….

  • The Lord bless and keep you and rejoice over you in Jesus name, amen.

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