The Father Says Today: January 18th, 2020

The Father says today, you will not come to failure. I am the God who is love and love never fails. Because I am in you and you are aligning, and in repose with My will and My thoughts, you will put your foot forward and your hand to the work and be successful in all things. Make the plan, and I will direct in the plan. You’ve asked Me for the plan, but I require YOU to plan, and if you plan, I will enter in and direct you in ways that you have yet to dream or dare to expect. I am not a carrot-and-stick Father, I am a Loving Father, and this day I pour My love out upon your life as … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – Matthew 18: The Utter and Absolute Need to Forgive Others

Today: [Matthew 18] The Utter and Absolute Need to Forgive Others. In Matthew 18, we see a much-neglected instruction from Jesus himself about bringing our unresolved offenses publically before the church. While this is commanded directly by Jesus, it is almost unheard of in modern church culture. Instead, offenses are swept under the rug, out of sight, and disagreements and judgments fester among those for whom Christ died until the unity of the faith is nearly extinct among us. Are you offended? What are you prepared to do about it? Are you willing to go before the church and solve your grievances as prescribed by the words of Jesus Himself? [Mat 18:1-35 KJV] 1 At the same time came the disciples unto Jesus, saying, Who … (click link or title to continue)

The Father Says Today: January 17th, 2020

The Father says today, the enemy will no longer lord over you or run roughshod in your life. I will chasten with the rod of My mouth the one who disparages and seeks to detract from you. I am not the God of detraction; I am the God of More-Than-Enough. You will not be vexed by poverty. You will not be vexed by robbery, theft, or disenfranchisement. This day your health, your increase, and your promotion will spring forth as the hyssop out of the wall and as a root out of dry ground, says your God. You are in the cleft of the Rock that I am, says the Father. All My glory is passing before you, and you are coming clean from bad … (click link or title to continue)

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“…Thank you Russ and thank you Kitty. I’ve now listened to the prophetic word you sent me  TWICE. It’s phenomenal and perhaps the most complete and comprehensive word I’ve ever gotten. Thank you very much! When Derene got home we listened to it together. I’m going to have it transcribed…” – 10/20/2014.


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