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Russell (bio here) and Kitty (bio here) Walden are founders of Father’s Heart Ministry based in Branson, Missouri. They travel internationally and in the United States ministering in the prophetic. Prophet Russ brings a new dimension  to the prophetic through activation and impartation of God’s voice in your life. Russ and Kitty come from a long history in business world and in full time pastoral ministry as well.  They emphasize that ‘Love Never Fails, no one is disposable and everybody counts.” They do move in personal prophesy as well as teaching and preaching so feel free to submit your request and expect to receive something special from God for your life.

QUESTION: Is Father’s Heart Ministry a church?

ANSWER: Yes. We are both a church and an outreach ministry. We both travel internationally and maintain local meetings in Branson, Missouri. For information on local meetings e-mail us at You are welcome to visit our online church presence at Here you may attend live online meetings, enjoy on demand videos, and request a pastoral call. We conduct regular live prayer events, weekly teachings, live gatherings, online forums, classes and fellowship opportunities which you may learn all about as our guest at

QUESTION: Why are you selling prophetic words?

This is a common question we receive but no, we do not sell prophetic words. God’s word is not for sale, however as with all Christian ministries we do encourage giving. Please allow me to suggest a few scriptures: Was Samuel selling a prophetic word in 1 Sam. 9:7 when Saul brought him a gift? When God told the Israelites not to appear before Him empty was He teaching them to merchandise the anointing (Ex. 23:15)? Was Paul prostituting his anointing when he said those that preach the gospel should live of the gospel (1 Cor. 9:14)? In Matt. 10:8-10 did Jesus really mean that ministers should not receive gifts when He said “freely you received, freely give”? If so then why does the same passage say “the workman is worthy of his hire…”

After many generations the prophetic is still not widely accepted or acknowledged. Pastors take up offerings for their expenses without complaint but the prophetic is not seen as having that legitimacy. Changing minds takes time.  We actually REQUEST not REQUIRE donation – – our ministers respond to 100’s at times 1000’s of requests with maybe 1 in a 100 that honors God enough to support the ministry they ask for … so I respect your right to an opinion and trust you will at the very least ponder what light the passages above might give.

QUESTION: Do you require donation for prophetic requests?

ANSWER:  NO. We encourage donations but we respond as possible to every request that comes in donation or not.  Like any other ministry (such as your local church), donations are needful to pay the expenses related to what we do. This is self evident in our view but out of kindness we want to answer the question because it comes up occasionally. There are many scripture references that speak of this, one of which speaks directly to prophetic ministry (please look up 1 Sam. 9:6-9 – it couldn’t be clearer.) Requests are not ignored simply because someone does not donate.

QUESTION: I made a request some time ago. Where is my personal prophecy?

ANSWER: It can take as long as 30 days to hear from us. If you have waited longer than that please use the follow up link to request attention to this matter. You need to put our e-mail address  ( in your contacts and safe sender list. Then check your spam filters and folders and you should find the prophetic word we sent to you there. If not please request a FOLLOW UP HERE  and we will look into this further.

QUESTION: How do I request personal prophecy?

ANSWER: To proceed simply fill out the form located under the “request” link above.

QUESTION: I submitted a request for ministry. When will I receive My prophetic word?

ANSWER:  Your prophetic word will arrive within 30 days. If you do not receive it in that time check your spam filters and contact us if necessary.


QUESTION: I want to learn more about the prophetic gifts and how to hear the voice of God. Do you have a class I can take?

ANSWER: Yes. You can join the PROPHETIC INTERNSHIP ACTIVATION course. You will receive 12 Weeks of lessons, videos, mentoring and prophetic activation assignments.


QUESTION: How do I subscribe to the Daily Prophetic Word?

ANSWER:  The Daily Prophetic Word is open to all as our free gift to you. Simply use the subscription form on the home screen and you will be subscribed.


QUESTION: Do you minister directly over the phone?

ANSWER: Yes. We make ourselves available for PROPHETIC COUNSELING and PASTORAL CALLS. See the links on the left.


QUESTION: What is the difference between an audio prophetic word via e-mail and prophetic counseling?

ANSWER: Prophetic Counseling is more interactive and involves more time (up to one hour or more).


QUESTION: I am interested in having you as a guest. Do you travel in ministry?

ANSWER: Yes we would be honored to minister to groups of all sizes. We minister in churches, conferences, businesses, and prophetic small groups as well. Contact us at for more information.


QUESTION: Do you sell personal prophecy or sell your services?

ANSWER: No we do not. We address every request that comes to us according to our ability and available time. Your donation if you choose to make one is not a purchase. We do not sell personal prophecy, prophetic counseling, or dream interpretation.


QUESTION: The word of God is free. Do you provide services that do not involve donation?

ANSWER:  Yes. We send out the daily prophetic word, teachings, prophetic words, etc. to thousands each month without donation. Your contributions if you choose to do so make this ministry available to tens of thousands every month.


QUESTION: Can you advise me on my legal problems or medical condition?

ANSWER: Prophetic ministry, prophecy, prayer or counsel provided by Father’s Heart Ministry or its representatives is no substitute for financial advice; legal counsel, medical treatment or opinion.


QUESTION: What is the monetary value of the different ministries you provide?

ANSWER: None. Prophetic prayer, counsel, or teaching is spiritual in nature and therefore does not have an intrinsic monetary value. What you give is a reflection of your appreciation for the benefit you derive from what you receive.


QUESTION: Do you have a 501c3 Letter of Determination?

ANSWER: Churches are considered automatically exempt however we have been in the 501c3 Form 1023 application process for about 2 years. That status will be updated here as it develops.

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