Morning Light – August 4th, 2014: Moving from Fellowship to Relationship (Video)

Today:[Exodus Chapter Thirty] Moving from Fellowship to Relationship. God instructs Moses regarding a second altar in the tabernacle – an altar of incense. The first altar speaks of receiving Jesus as our savior, the second altar speaks of receiving Jesus as our lord. The first altar established fellowship with God the second altar moves us to deep, intimate relationship. An awesome revelatory teaching today.

Morning Light – August 1st, 2014: Take the Blood and the Oil! (Video)

Today:[Exodus Chapter Twenty-Nine (Continued)] Take the Blood and the Oil! God instructs Moses concerning the applying of the blood and the oil. Is it even scriptural for us to add “in the name of Jesus” or “I plead the blood” to our prayers? Is this dead religious tradition or something more?

Morning Light – July 31st, 2014: Consecrated by His Consecration! (Video)

Today:[Exodus Chapter Twenty-Nine] Consecrated by HIS Consecration. God instructs Moses regarding the consecration of Aaron and his sons to the priesthood. They were to sacrifice a bullock and two rams which represented Christ himself. We know that consecration is required before God. What religious thinking doesn’t allow for is the fact that HIS CONSECRATION paves the way into the Holiest – not our RELIGIOUS, or LEGALISTIC approach to God.

Can You Take NOW for an Answer? (Video)

Prophet Russ Walden asks you the question “Can you take NOW for an Answer?” Too many times we put off to “some day” what God is willing to do in our NOW. Five time in the New Testament we read that “the kingdom of God is at hand…” Listen to this powerful word and claim your NOW breakthrough today!

Prayer to Break the Curse of the Vow of Poverty (Video)

Prophet Kitty Walden prays a prayer to break the ancient curse of the vow of Poverty over your life. This vow was taken by the church in the Middle Ages and has held God’s people in lack but NO MORE – claim your bless as Kitty prays over your life!

Breaking the Curse of the Vow of Celibacy (Video)

Prophet Russ Walden shares how to break the ancient curse of celibacy taken by the church in the Middle Ages. God has ordained for you to have companionship and to be one part of a power couple in the Kingdom. It is not good to be alone therefore you will NOT be alone!

Morning Light – July 30th, 2014: Covered in Prayer – Expecting an Outcome! (Video)

Today:[Exodus Chapter Twenty-Eight (Conclusion)] Covered in Prayer – Expecting an Outcome: God concludes his instruction to Moses about the high priest’s garments by specifying an outer covering of linen dyed blue. This speaks to us of prayer. The pomegranates embroider on this prayer garment were depictions of the fruits found in Canaan. In other words we don’t pray the problem (the wilderness) we pray the outcome (Canaan’s promise.)

Morning Light – July 29th, 2014: Secured in the Righteousness of God (Video)

Today:[Exodus Chapter Twenty-Eight (Continued)] Secured in the Righteousness of God. Moses is further instructed in the design of the High Priest’s garment. We see revealed the connection between the mantle (ephod) and the breastplate (righteousness). Also there is the URIM and the THUMMIM the mystical stones by which decisions were made. These stones represent the discernment God within you to give you the ability to make unerring decisions in your life.

Morning Light – July 28th, 2014: Fully Judged – Fully Vindicated (Video)

Today:[Exodus Chapter Twenty-Eight (Continued)] Fully Judged – Fully Vindicated! God instructs Moses in the design of the High Priest’s garment, which speaks to us of the complete vindication of the believer by the blood of Christ. In the priestly ministry of Jesus your High Priest the gavel comes down in your favor and complete release is your portion!