Morning Light – August 15th, 2014: Rested, Willing and Wise! (Video)

Today:[Exodus Chapter Thirty-Five] Rested, Willing, and Wise! God instructs Moses and the people again regarding the Sabbath. Hebrews chapter four connects Sabbath with the finished work of Christ. The gospel liberates you from dead works and plunges you into the finished work of Calvary. From that perspective of rest the people begin to give willingly the materials to build the tabernacle, the tent and the artifact therein. Three times the emphasis is on willingness. An unwilling participation in God’s projects produces a contaminated result. God wants you to connect with his purposes from a position of rest, with a willing … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – October 15th, 2014: Greater Anointing, Signs and Wonders (Video)

Today: [Leviticus Twenty-Four] Greater Anointing, Signs and Wonders. In this chapter God instructs Moses with details about setting the lamp stand and table of showbread in order. This speaks of the ministry of the word as connected with healing and miracles. There were instructions regarding the procurement of the oil and flour for the lamp stand and the loaves. These all speak to us today and point the way toward greater anointing, greater signs and wonders and greater understanding of New Covenant perspectives contrasted with the Old Testament paradigm of judgment and sin.

Morning Light – August 14th, 2014: Living with an Unveiled Face (Video)

Today:[Exodus Chapter Thirty-Four (Concluded] Living with an Unveiled Face. In the conclusion of this chapter God lays out commands including every person appearing three times a year before the Lord. These three feasts represent the three personal experiences available to us in God: Salvation, Baptism in the Spirit and the Baptism of Fire. We see also Moses manipulating the people regarding the Glory that shines supernaturally on his face. He would hide his face so they wouldn’t see the glory fade. Leaders and Christians do the same when they hold people at arms length and conduct themselves like religious celebrities. … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – October 14th, 2014: Celebrating the Feasts of the Lord! (Video)

Today: [Leviticus Twenty-Three] Celebrating the Feasts of the Lord. Are we required to keep the Jewish holy days? What is their meaning to us? What do they tell us about who Jesus is to us? Do they foreshadow events yet to be fulfilled in the last days? In this chapter God instructs Moses regarding the seven feast days the people of God were to keep. They speak to us deep truths regarding redemption and things to come. There are yet deeper experiences and “baptisms” and feast fulfillments available to you as a believer. God wants you to have the full … (click link or title to continue)

October 13th, 2014: Called to Separation! (Video)

Today: [Leviticus Twenty-Two] Called to Separation! In Leviticus 22 God commands that Aaron and his priestly family live separated lives. Jesus is your high priest and you are likewise a priest unto God. What does it mean to “come out and be separate”? Are you expected to live your life as a shrill, religious zealot? Is there a sane approach to holy living? Does it even matter? This inconvenient mandate of scripture is largely ignored and/or misunderstood by modern believers. In this study today you will find a thoughtful and compelling approach to what it means to live a consecrated … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – August 13th, 2014: Ascending the Mountain of God (Video)

Today:[Exodus Chapter Thirty-Four] Ascending the Mountain of God. Moses makes a sixth and final ascent to God. During this experience God comes and stands by Moses in His glory. He declares himself “the Lord declaring the Lord-God”. When God declares Himself to Moses there is a change in heart and suddenly Moses gains more of an affinity to God than to those around Him. There is a time to seek the face of God more than the face of man. In that setting God makes a covenant of miracles and signs and wonders by which He binds himself to the … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – August 12th, 2014: Show Me Thy Glory!  (Video)

Today:[Exodus Chapter Thirty-Three] Show Me Thy Glory! God informs Moses that they people are permitted to go into the promised land. They are assured that every promise made from Abraham to their present day would be completely fulfilled. With one exception – God himself would not be going with them. They had proven resistant to His will to the point that His presence “would destroy them in the way” so He pulls back. The people mourn and Moses receives a promise of seeing not just God’s acts but learning His ways. God relents and in response reveals His glory in … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – August 11th, 2014: Surviving Divine Delay (Video)

Today:[Exodus Chapter Thirty-Two] Surviving Divine Delay. Moses is long in returning from the mountain with God. The Israelites falter and take matters into the own hands with disastrous results. Aaron, left in charge in Moses’ absence caves in under pressure and the resulting events cost thousands of lives. There are many times that the waiting seems long in our lives. These seasons can be devastating unless we know how to posture ourselves before God during times of delay. Much to learn for each of us in this chapter.

Morning Light – Aug. 8th, 2014: Filled and Empowered with the Spirit (Video)

Today:[Exodus Chapter Thirty-One] Filled with the Spirit, Empowered for Destiny. God fills a man named Bezaleel with the Spirit to build the tabernacle (Mishkan) in the wilderness. There are six references to being filled with the Spirit, three of them in Exodus. This filling gave Bezaleel wisdom, knowledge and understanding. There are seven Spirits of God and this infilling in your life is intended to impact you in a very similar way in order to supply you with the revelatory favor of God to fulfill your role in His greater purposes and affect your life individually as well.