Morning Light – July 8th, 2014: Receive the Double Portion! (Video)

Today:[Exodus Chapter Twenty-Two] Expose the enemy, receive the double portion. Laws concerning trespass. When you identify the thief you will receive full restoration of all that is lost. In this chapter we see the clear promise of God to restore all that the enemy of your soul has taken ONCE he is exposed. A powerful teaching on how to expose the enemy and reclaim the spoil and the blessing of God over your life.

Morning Light – July 7th, 2014: Free from the Law! (Video)

Today:[Exodus Chapter Twenty-One (Continued) Are we subject to the Law of Moses today? Laws concerning manslaughter covered. Cities of refuge established. Consequences of mistreatment of parents. Laws concerning abuse of servants / employees. The higher law than “eye for an eye” established by Christ.

Morning Light – July 3rd, 2014: Kingdom Perspective on Women’s Rights (Video)

Today:[Exodus Chapter Twenty-One] Bondservants of Christ. Moses presents laws relating to slavery. The introduction of equitable treatment of women, a completely novel concept in ancient times. A discussion of mysoginistic attitudes in the church regarding submission of women and their status in the church. The difference between laws, judgments and statutes. First reference to cities of refuge. Standards of responsibility for our actions and those of others.

Morning Light – July 2nd, 2014: Seventh Day Glory (Video)

Today:[Exodus Chapter Twenty] Seventh Day Glory: The “Seventh Day” or “Sabbath Rest” mandated in the Old Covenant is a foreshadowing of a massive shift in the seventh millennia of man’s time on earth (which we are in today.) Also in this chapter: the unconditional blessing of God – even in Old Testament times God blessed and benefited Israel outside the requirements of the law. In the New Testament the Ten Commandments become the Ten Promises because of the transforming grace of God. What about “Generational Sins” or “Generational Curses”? What does it really mean to take the Lord’s name in … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – July 1st, 2014: Third Day Glory (Video)

Today: [Exodus Chapter Nineteen] Third Day Glory: From Visitation to Habitation. God carries us on eagle’s wings. Do eagles actually carry their young on their wings? The provisional and conditional words of God. All God’s people seen as priests. Proper response to the words of God in the prophetic. God appears in a cloud. Do “theophanies” occur today? What is the significance of the “Third Day” in the bible. Are we in a Third day? Does God “visit us” today or does He want something more? Can we “work up” a spiritual visitation or is it strictly a matter of … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – June 30th, 2014: Who is the Jethro in Your Life? (Video)

[Exodus Chapter Eighteen] Moses is exhausted, the people are frustrated, and the trek to Canaan is faltering. God brings a pagan priest named Jethro to open Moses’ eyes and see the simple shift in his thinking that delivered him and prospered the people. You have a Jethro in your life. This teaching today will help you identify him that prosperity might come to your life.

Morning Light – June 27th, 2014: In God’s Crosshairs! (Video)

Today: [Exodus Chapter Seventeen] The people of God move to Rephidim and cry out for water. God brings water from the rock – a type of Christ. Rephidim means “leaning on another for support”. Aaron and Hur hold up Moses hands and the people prevail in battle. Whose hands are you holding up? Amalek “the bottom feeder” finds himself in God’s crosshairs because he attacked the people of God when they were vulnerable.

Morning Light – June 26th, 2014: The Bread of God! (Video)

Today: [Exodus Chapter Sixteen] “The Bread of God” As the Isrealites move deeper into the wilderness God rains Manna down upon them. Centuries later Jesus declares He was that Manna – the Living Bread. The Isrealites could only gather for one day or it would spoil. Yesterday’s Manna would always breed worms. We cannot live on yesterday’s experiences we need a relevant and living experience in God for today’s challenges.

Morning Light – June 25th, 2014: Managing Your Miracle (Video)

Today: [Exodus Chapter Fifteen] “Enjoying Your Testimony and Managing Your Victory” The Song of Moses. Miriam dances before the Red Sea. The Waters of Marah and the Wells of Elah. Immediately after a great victory can be a time of vulnerability and challenge to your faith. Never camp long after a victory but keep your focus on “Seeking first the Kingdom”.