Morning Light – January 6th, 2015: God Hates Poverty! (Video)

Today: [Deuteronomy Chapter Fifteen]: God Hates Poverty! In this chapter the people are reminded to care for the poor. This is more than giving your cast offs and a few dollars to the local thrift store. God hates poverty and He looks to us as His covenant partners to be a part of the solution and not part of the problem. When we give to the poor we enter into a contractual obligation of blessing from God. God will bless you when you act in behalf of those who are struggling and suffering in life. When we neglect the poor … (click link or title to continue)

Wonder Women Meeting – with Prophets Russ and Kitty  (Video)

Prophetic gathering with the Wonder Women small group in Las Vegas in December 2014. A powerful prophetic word from Prophets Kitty and Russell Walden. Kitty and Russ and Prophet Tim Fox share a prophetic word that a sea change in leadership in the kingdom is coming as women of God rise up to their destiny. God is calling upon women to speak up and step into their destiny. Kitty and Russ share with those with struggling in their marriages to speak to the king in their husbands and husbands to lay their life down for their women as Christ did … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – January 5th, 2015: Should We Reject the Old Testament? (Video)

Today: [Deuteronomy Chapter Fourteen]: Should We Reject the Old Testament? In this chapter Moses reiterates various laws including dietary laws. Are we today subject to the dietary laws of the Old Testament. What if any value do the scriptures outlining the dietary laws have for us. Do we simply discard the Old Testament for that matter? What place should the Old Testament and the laws of Moses hold in our lives. Many struggle with this and fall into the error of following Jewish religion. This is not God’s plan. Likewise others reject the Old Testament altogether. In this study we … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – December 31st, 2014: Who is Your Mother and Your Brethren? (Video)

Today: [Deuteronomy Chapter Thirteen]: Who is Your Mother and Your Brethren? In this chapter God calls on the people to be accountable for outbreaks of idolatry. If their leaders led others into idolatry they were to be executed. If loved ones and family members fell into idolatry they were to be stoned. If cities became idolatrous they were to be put to the sword. There is no record that the people of God ever carried out these terrible judgments but the message against idolatry and against comprise is very clear. God is a jealous God even over our lives today.

Morning Light – December 30th, 2014: Putting Away Our Idols (Video)

Today: [Deuteronomy Chapter Twelve]: Putting Away Our Idols. In this chapter the people are instructed to put away and destroy the idols they would encounter in Canaan. The promised land was a landscape of idolatry. It speaks of the minefield of spiritual seduction that you will encounter in the world around you and even in the culture of the church. God wants your dependency to be on who He is on the inside of you not on any false outward resource. When this is effected in your life and the idols are destroy you will see God’s promised increase, and … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – December 29th, 2014: The Days of Heaven on Earth! (Video)

Today: [Deuteronomy Chapter Eleven]: The Days of Heaven on Earth! In this chapter God promises if you will find out what “adhering” or “cleaving” to Him looks like – that He will adjust your life’s experience to “the days of heaven on earth”. There is much mis-direction in religious culture today that is all about coping with suffering and going through trials with humility and grace. We do need to walk in humility at all times but the clear promise of God is that He intends for your life to be as “heaven come to earth” not just “understanding better … (click link or title to continue)

What about Past Prophetic Words?

Two years ago a lady received a prophetic word about broken relationships and desiring companionship in her life. We sent her a word and after two years she followed up recently with a question that showed her frustration: “It has been 2 years now since the prophesy you sent to me. I’m still single after going through relationships that don’t work out. Why is that?“ The answer we gave her will help anyone dealing with prophetic words that haven’t come to pass and you don’t understand why: “Dear <name withheld> go back and listen to the prophetic word. Did you write … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – December 24th, 2014: Circumcise Your Heart – Is this Possible? (Video)

Today: [Deuteronomy Chapter Ten]: Circumcise Your Heart – Is this Possible? In this chapter Moses rehearses the giving of the Law. The commandments were originally given directly to the people from a mountain covered with the fire of God’s glory. That same glory is what Paul declares in Col. 1:26,27 is ON THE INSIDE OF US. God writes on our hearts today and the result is what we call “circumcision of the heart”. Man cannot circumcise his heart with religious exercise – it is a supernatural act of the Holy Ghost as we yield ourselves to Him.

Morning Light – December 23rd, 2014: Crossing Over Time! (Video)

Today: [Deuteronomy Chapter Nine]: Crossing Over Time! There is a moment in time that God will bring His sovereignty and your blessing together in an opportunity for radical breakthrough. In this chapter Moses is standing with the people at the Jordan and they have been here before and failed. We have all failed and missed God’s timing and blessing for us. We are often tempted to blame God and make excuses but if we will learn the lesson of the second chance God gives you can EXIT the wilderness trip and enter into your personal promised land!