Knowing Him – Knowing Yourself after the Spirit

Knowing Him – Knowing Yourself after the Spirit Apostle Don Matison and Prophet Russ Walden minister in a weekly small group in Branson, Missouri. This session focuses on team ministry and why Jesus sent the disciples two by two. Also an emphasis on knowing who you are in God by knowing who God is in you.

Morning Light – February 24th, 2017 – Isaiah 34:  Why the Shaking of God Comes

Morning Light – Isaiah 34 Today: [Isaiah 34] Why the Shaking of God Comes. In this chapter Isaiah declares that one day the might of the threat of Assyria will be reduced to ashes. Isaiah goes further prophesying of the day that even the most basic components of creation and the elemental table itself will be completely dissolved with unquenchable fire in anticipation of a New Heavens and a New Earth. For those of us deeply invested in this present world this can be an intimidating thing to contemplate. Yet the promise of God is that the ultimate purpose of … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – February 23rd, 2017 – Isaiah 33:   Make the God Choice Under Pressure

Morning Light – Isaiah 33 Today: [Isaiah 33] Make the God Choice Under Pressure! In this chapter Isaiah exhorts the people not to flee when no man pursues. At this time Hezekiah is ill and the city is surrounded by an invading army. Isaiah’s counsel is not to make a hasty response to a seemingly impossible situation. Have you ever felt like you were trapped with no way out of a difficult situation? Isaiah’s exhortation is to wait upon God. When we forget God in a time of trial and turn to this world’s wisdom in dealing with difficulties we … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – February 21st, 2017 – Isaiah 31:   Give God a Chance to Work in Your Situation

Morning Light – Isaiah 31 Today: [Isaiah 31] Give God a Chance to Work in Your Situation. In chapter 31 of Isaiah the prophet encourages the people to trust in God and not in man. The southern kingdom is convinced they must call on their former slave masters in Egypt to come down and save them. Isaiah declares if they will refuse this thinking and trust in God that the Lord will come down and defend them like a lion roaring against the prey. Have you ever caved in under pressure and made a bad decision rather than trust in … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – February 23rd, 2017 – Isaiah 32:  The Long View of the Prophet

Morning Light – Isaiah 32 Today: [Isaiah 32] The Long View of the Prophet. In chapter 32 of Isaiah we see that Isaiah is a prophet that takes the long view. He looks down so deeply in the lens of prophetic insight that he sees beyond the immediate challenges to the ultimate consequences regarding what will happen if the people do or do not repent. The message of Isaiah calls for more than just seeking relief from difficult times in our lives. Isaiah compels us to look at the systemic causes of much of the pressure we face and from … (click link or title to continue)

Clearing Up Confusion Regarding the Baptism of the Holy Spirit:

Does a person who hasn’t been baptized in the Holy Spirit “have” the Holy Spirit in them nonetheless? We often tell non-tongues talking believers they need to “receive” the Holy Spirit. Does this mean they don’t already “have” the Holy Spirit? It’s a matter of nomenclature but the common language in which this is discussed can be confusing to people who haven’t come up in a Charismatic, Pentecostal milieu… Let’s look at some scripture to hopefully find some clarity: Before His ascension Jesus met with His disciples and imparted the Holy Spirit to them: [Jhn 20:22 KJV] 22 And when … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – February 21st, 2017 – Isaiah 30: Learn to Limit Your Counselors

Morning Light – Isaiah 30 Today: [Isaiah 30] Learn to Limit Your Counselors: In Isaiah 30 Isaiah reproves the people of the city of Jerusalem for giving heed to wrong counselors. It was the common consensus at this time that Jerusalem needed to form an alliance with Egypt in order to avoid being invaded by Assyria. Isaiah in effect says it doesn’t matter if “everyone is saying it” this is the wrong course of action. Just because all those around you are in agreement about what you should do next doesn’t make them right. The promise of God through Isaiah … (click link or title to continue)

Do You Know Someone Who Needs to Repent?

Do you know someone who needs to repent? [Rom 2:4 KJV] 4 Or despisest thou the riches of his goodness and forbearance and longsuffering; not knowing that the goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance? If you know someone who needs to repent – give them God’s goodness. If you speak to the sinner of something other than the goodness of God then your agenda is something other than their repentance. Christian culture has been lambasting and excoriating sinners for centuries and the mass of humanity is plunging headlong into hell while the church smugly concludes they are getting what … (click link or title to continue)