Morning Light Bible Study

Morning Light – June 13th, 2014: Mercy in Judgment (Video)

[Exodus Chapter Nine] In judgment God remembers mercy. He so acted in Egypt to bring Pharaoh to his knees but in the midst of the judgements he was merciful not allowing total destruction.

Morning Light – June 12, 2014: The Inward Voice (Video)

[Exodus Chapter 8] How did God speak to Moses? Was it audible? Did He speak to Moses by an inward voice? Can we hear the voice of God in the same way today, and what are the implications of obedience when we do hear Him?

Morning Light – June11th, 2014: Impact of Blame on Your LIfe (Video)

[Exodus Chapter Seven] When Pharaoh blamed Moses for the troubles in Egypt – God made Moses a “god” to Pharaoh. This transaction has implications for our lives that we need to be aware of.

Morning Light – June 10th, 2014: Prevailing with Difficult People (Video)

[Exodus Chapter Six] God reveals His strategy for bringing difficult people in your circumstance into compliance with His plan for your life. Explore with us where free will meets the soveriegnty of God.

Morning Light – June 9th, 2014: Let My People Go (Video)

Today: [Exodus Chapter Five] Let My People Go. Understanding your dominion – confronting illegitimate authorities.

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