Morning Light Bible Study

Morning Light – September 8th, 2014: Made One in the Sacrifice (Video)

Today:[Leviticus Chapter One] Made One in the Sacrifice. The tabernacle of Moses was six months in the making. It is now set up and the people are gathered as God speaks to Moses out of the Glory. What would God say? Perhaps to their surprise everything that God says to Moses is about approaching near to Him in fellowship and relationship through sacrifice and blood covenant. For you this represents the sacrifice of Jesus intended for one overarching purpose – to bring you near to your God.

Morning Light – September 5th, 2014: Bringing the Cloud of Glory (Video)

Today:[Exodus Chapter Forty] Bringing the Cloud of Glory into Your Life. Final chapter of Exodus. The tabernacle and artifacts are complete and Moses erects the tent and installs the artifacts. Everything is anointed with oil – a type of the Holy Spirit. Aaron and his sons are washed and anointed to serve. The cloud of Glory descends and abides in the camp from that day forward. The tabernacle is a figure of your own person for you are God’s habitation. As you are washed and anointed the glory of God descends upon you to guide, provision and protect you all … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – September 4th, 2014: The Ephod of Glory (Video)

Today:[Exodus Chapter Thirty-Nine] The Ephod of Glory. The materials used in the priestly ephod are described. The New Testament teaches that you are a priest. The ephod of the priest and its construction speak to you of God’s clothing for your life. The robe, the jewels in the breastplate, the Urim and the Thummim all foreshadow what it means to be clothed in Christ and to put on Christ. The ephod was covered with decorative pomegranates which represent both the law of the Torah and the fruit of the spirit thus suggesting that in Christ all the commandments become promises … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – September 3rd, 2014: God’s Process (Video)

Today:[Exodus Chapter Thirty-Eight] God’s Process of Perfecting You. In Exodus 37 and 38 we see reflected the pattern of God’s process of bringing you to Himself and perfecting you in His image. It is exactly the opposite of that which performance based religion would start with. It begins with intimacy and access and working outward from there brings us to cleansing and transformation. Religion suggests we must be clean and perfect before we can have intimacy with God. The pattern in the tabernacle suggests that only intimacy and transformation makes perfection possible. A very liberating teaching.

Morning Light – September 2nd, 2014: Participation in the Glory (Video)

Today:[Exodus Chapter Thirty-Seven] Participation in the Glory of God. In the artifacts used in the tabernacle of Moses, some were pure gold and some were gold overlaid with wood which represents humanity. As believers we participate with God as we are his habitation and we participate with him in intercession and in the ministry of healing (table of shewbread). Yet there are some things that God reserves to himself that given an understanding will clear up much religious misconceptions of the acceptance and love of God toward us in this life.

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