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The Father Says Today: September 20th, 2018

The Father says today, refuse to allow the past to swallow you up again. Forgive, release, and bless. You will not only free others, but you will also free yourself from the snare of the enemy. Your past is no predictor of present situations or where you are going. The disappointments and rejection you have suffered previously will not dictate what happens going forward. Remember Lot’s wife. She turned into a pillar of salt because of the backward glance. That is not your portion. So, look forward beloved. Don’t listen to the echoes of the past but look to the things that are ahead. Do not become entangled with the lives of those who refuse to grow beyond their familiar experiences and old resentments. As … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – Romans 16:  Getting Up and Out of the Status Quo

Source: Today: [Romans 16:] Getting Up and Out of the Status Quo: Are you tired of the same-old, same-old? God has something different in mind for you! In Romans 16 Paul does, in fact, conclude his letter with explicit expressions of his apostolic authority. He mandates these people who had never met him face to face to accept those he would send to them. He provoked them to identify those around them who were bringing them personally and the work of the church down in defeat. He assures them that Satan would be bruised under their feet if they only had the boldness and the willingness to think differently and do differently than they had in times past. [Rom 16:1-15 KJV] 1 I commend … (click link or title to continue)

The Father Says Today: September 19th, 2018

The Father says today, with pressure and persecution comes promotion and prosperity. My promise to My disciples was this – a hundred-fold return WITH persecutions. There will always be those around you who seek to diminish and deter you from My purpose. Give them no mind. Take them and the troubles they bring and lay them at My feet. What you cannot change I will superintend in your behalf. What you cannot make different does not represent futility and failure. Those points of frustration and grief are simply this – the entry points where I step in and do for you what you cannot do for yourself. Gear up for a new assignment. When you want to retreat and consolidate your losses, that is the … (click link or title to continue)

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“…Thank you Russ and thank you Kitty. I’ve now listened to the prophetic word you sent me  TWICE. It’s phenomenal and perhaps the most complete and comprehensive word I’ve ever gotten. Thank you very much! When Derene got home we listened to it together. I’m going to have it transcribed…” – 10/20/2014.


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