They LOCKED the Doors of the Church!

Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 7.09.15 AMIf you ever dreamed of participating in a life changing outpouring of God – now is the time to come to Branson, Missouri!

In 1900 when God sent William Seymour to Los Angeles to launch the Azusa street outpouring – they locked the churches against him. Seymour didn’t get discouraged – and what happened next brought the Pentecostal outpouring that changed the world.

Something JUST LIKE THIS has just happened in Branson, Missouri.


Just a few months ago noted Evangelist Mario Murrillo came to Branson and started holding meetings in a mariosmall, struggling church. First 100’s and then 1000’s came and it became apparent that God was doing something much bigger than Mario and much bigger than the leadership expected.

lockedThen as happened at Azusa Street with Seymour THE DOORS WERE LOCKED! Mario came to hold an evening service and found the doors locked with a note on the door announcing the “revival was over”.

Not so fast! God always has the last say! The revival is bigger than any one church and bigger than any one man. Mario is continuing on because God has chosen to use him as an evangelist to birth something in Branson, Missouri that has a potential yet to be fully grasped.


Receiving Prophecy


Why would we tell you about this? I have been a part of past moves of God when we didn’t realize what was happening till afterwards. I cried out to God “let me see the next outpouring GOING IN and not COMING OUT of it!” If there was ever a time for you to be in Branson it is now. Something is happening here.


1. In November 2014 Russ and Kitty prophesied into the Great Awakening that was coming to Branson, Missouri.

2. Shortly after Prophet Jess Bielby began laying groundwork for revival in the same church that launched the Mario Murillo meetings.

3. Mario Murillo came and the results were expansive andsurprising.


Prophets Russ and Kitty continue to speak into this revival. The coming year of 2016 is a year of outpouring and a year of double portion!

What can you do?

Come to Branson on December 11-13 for the Precisely the Prophetic conference and align yourself with what God is doing and saying in the earth, in the Branson/Springfield area and in your life.

Controversial? Yes! Challenging? Yes! Life changing? Yes! Of historical proportions? Yes! Now is your time! Now is the time to get in on this move of God while the iron is hot and the glory is moving in your behalf!



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  • Nancy Young says:

    I firmly believe in Mario’s ministry. I went on October 23rd 2015 to the Jubilee Church in Branson West where he was preaching and people were being healed.
    I have lived with chronic back pain from herniated discs for over 30 years.. God healed me that night.. I thank you Mario for being an obedient disciple for our beloved God.
    No matter what Satan tries to do he can not stop what God wants to happen….. It will always come to pass.

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