The Father Says Today: November 8th, 2022

The Father says today that the gavel of heaven has come down in your favor! The kingdoms of the earth are in My hand and not the hand of man. Man pulls the voting lever, but I decide the outcome says the Father. It is in My sovereignty that seasons change and leaders rise and fall. Your portion in looking out at events on the national and world stage is to know that My kingdom rules over all. The deep things and the secret things are mine says the Father. It is in My hand alone that times and seasons are changed. There is no wisdom among men but that which is imparted by My Spirit, and it is by My sovereignty that one king is removed and another setup. Your mandate in the midst of it all is to anchor yourself to the overarching narrative proceeding from the throne and not the smoke and mirror deceptions and manipulations of men.

Make up your mind in the days ahead if you believe this or not. It is not men’s might nor men’s power that brings about righteousness or godliness in the earth. Let your mouth pray. Let your mouth daily offer up both the morning and the evening sacrifice to Me. When all the systems of men have failed, My kingdom still rules over all. Attach your sense of security and peace to who I am on the throne and not any other false security. I am working both to will and to do My good pleasure. I will not be overthrown in My purposes. The heart of the king is in My hand, and I will turn it whithersoever I will, and you will see righteousness wrought on your land.

Prophet Russ – The Hand of God Controls My Destiny and Not the Hand of Man – Today!

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