The Father Says Today: November 7th, 2015

dpw-150The Father says today, be the recipient of My kindness. My kindness and My friendship are yours today. My loving-kindness is renewed in you every day. The reservoir of My generosity is filled afresh every day the moment your eyes open. Anticipate My kindness today. Expect My goodness to be your portion. I am a good God. The only way I can acquaint you with who I am is to shower you with My liberality, favor and kindness. It is all I have to give you says the Father. I have given you of all that is found in Christ and all that is found in Christ is life and life more abundantly.
I am your helper says the Father. Indulge yourself in the help and the comfort and assistance I am making available to you today. You are not left to your own devices. You are not exposed without My protection to the devices of the enemy. I have spent eternity devising so many layers of goodness to bring to bear in your life that they are without measure. You cannot possibly measure My goodness and kindness toward you so what other experience is there to have today? There isn’t room for failure or burden – there is no time for that. There is only time to be the beloved and to experience what it means to be the apple of My eye which you are this day.

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