The Father says today, release all fear that has entangled itself around your soul. Loose it and be free from the need to control the situation, for I have things well under control. Walk in the freedom by which the anointing has set you free and release those around you from the snare of control the enemy has set before them. As you release them, even from your own control, you will be releasing freedom into your own situation. Let freedom reign in your life and in their life as much as it is in your power to do so and watch Me bring the liberation to the forefront of each circumstance. Make happen for someone else what you are desiring for yourself. You don’t have to tell everyone your need hoping someone will meet it, for I know full well what you have need of and I have things well in control concerning you beloved. Even when you feel it is spinning out of control and cannot see where the next bit of provision is coming from, know that I have it all in My control, so just release it all to Me this day and walk in My peace.

I am giving you the thick skin of endurance and causing that which offends to bounce right off of you. Even what has offended you in the past is but a gentle breeze of passing in this hour. For I have given the helmet to protect your mind and the breastplate to protect your emotions. I am creating a change in your countenance and even the timbre of your voice will resonate with a new peaceable and gentle sound like the lapping of the waves of a calm sea at rest. I am refining you and redeeming you from the ravages of the brash environment that has encompassed you and bringing you to eat of the peaceable fruit of the righteousness, peace and joy of My kingdom in this hour, says the Father.

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  • YESHUA'S Butterfly says:

    Yes Abba FATHER i can hear you speaking to my heart you know me through and through and ,i sometimes let people get to me but you YESHUA knows how to give me all the hope i need comes from you and you alone and all my needs is mate by you for you are my strength while am here on this earth Thankyou Thankyou Father fir helping get through it all every day of This life YESHUA HAMASHIAC Amen🌼🌼🌼

  • Judy Schur says:

    Just started reading your page You popped up on google and i took a look😊 i now read every morning to be encouraged. Thankyou. God Bless your ministry 🙏

  • lucia szymanik says:

    Yes, I am releasing all fear that gripped me for years and my family will be set free also. It’s time to walk in victory. I had to learn endurance in a demonic environment and I passed the test. Glory to God!.

  • Carol May says:


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