The Father Says Today: May 5th, 2019

The Father Says Today: May 5th, 2019

The Father says today, when you call My name in the valley, I will call your name on the mountain. I will bring you to Myself, and I will show you My glory. If Moses saw My glory under a lesser covenant, how much greater glory will I show you as a tangible manifestation of My presence in a moment of time. As I passed by Moses, I called his name. I am not passing by you – I am INHABITING YOU. There is no more need to say “pass Me not” for I will never pass you by because you are My habitation and My dwelling-place where I will and where I have put My glory, says your God. This isn’t about your worth or your goodness but about My worthiness and My goodness, for I am quick to forgive; therefore, the sons of men are not destroyed.
It is My judgment to fill the earth with My glory, and My judgment begins at My house THAT YOU ARE. I am authoring glory in you that you and I will go out and finish glory in the earth – bringing every knee to bow and every tongue to confess and worship toward the temple that YOU ARE. I am dividing the spoil, and I am coming down, and I will show My glory to you and show My glory to My people. My glory is standing in the glory this day, says God. My glory has legs, and My glory is moving. It is walking toward you; it is running toward you in blessing, promotion, and increase of My righteousness and My holiness to cleanse the temple and purify you as a vessel fit for the glory that I am manifesting in your life as a tangible substance, even this day as I CALL YOUR NAME, SAYS GOD!

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Other Comments

  • Joyce Vanderhorst-Gamble says:

    I read your passages every morming …I am.uplifted every morming…I am the Kingdom Warrior for the LORD…I have study.under Kenneth Copeland…Dr.Price etc
    This Ministry gives me the ammunition that I need to go forth to do God’s work all for his glory amen you can check me out on Facebook as the kingdom Warriors Outreach Ministry

  • Carol May says:

    I agree 💯 & received in the precious awesome name of Jesus Christ 🙏
    Amen and Amen!