The Father Says Today: March 16th, 2018

The Father Says Today: March 16th, 2018

The Father says today, set your affection on things above. You are more than a creature derived from the dust realm. The dust realm is where the serpent finds its food. There is nothing for you – no sustenance for your soul to be found in the dust realm, says God. I have given you this day of the hidden manna that is only found in My glory. Set aside the dry husks of the swine’s flesh food that only satisfies momentarily and then burdens you down in guilt and sorrow. You are more than flesh and blood. I became flesh and blood so that you could become a creature of spirit and life. Receive My life this day. Drink of My life that is liberally poured out to you this day, says God.
Michael, the great prince, is standing up among My people in this day. Though all the world stands against you, I have sent angel warriors and angel reapers into your life to litigate in your defense and to militate in your favor. Rejoice, says God, for out of the Lamb’s book of Life your name has been declared and because of that CHANGE IS AT HAND. Embrace the change that I am bringing, says God. Accept that you are an eternal being living out a finite existence to be an example of grace and life and overcoming by My Strength every obstacle that comes against you. As I am from above, so you are from above because I have received you to Myself. You are not merely human. You are a new creation because in the cross I brought a conclusion, a terminus to the Adamic race and by the new birth I have brought you to Myself and raised you up as God men and God women in the earth. Embrace this and demonstrate it in every thought, word and action as you go about your day this day, says your Father.

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  • Yes Lord. Glory.. hallelujah.. For You O Lord have rised me up for such a time as this. You have guided my footsteps through out my life and imparted to me your wisdom and favor in everything I do and say, and wherever my footsteps will tread, you have been with me. As far as the east is from the West You have loved me and you have not forsaken me. Thank you Father God for Your great love inside of me.. Glory hallelujah Amen