The Father Says Today: June 30th, 2020

The Father says today rejoice and be glad for I have chosen you for My unfolding purposes. The initiatives of My kingdom are being worked out and walked out in your life today. There is nothing about your situation that is random or unplanned. The enemy wants to convince you otherwise, but I say that you are not an accident of birth or happenstance. I have brought you to the kingdom for such a time as this that I might glorify Myself and bring about the furtherance of My will and My work the giftings and anointings I have imparted to you.

Receive the fresh anointing of My Spirit for service, says the Father. This is a day of new assignments. Old things are passing away, and all things become new. Are you ready for newness of life and newness of purpose? Don’t fret or be discouraged because things in your past didn’t work out as you hoped they would. My thoughts are not your thoughts, and My plans are going forward unimpeded where you are concerned. Trust Me, says the Father. Let Me take it from here, for there are good things ahead that you know not that will cause you to rejoice and realize that I’ve never left you nor forsaken you.

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