The Father Says Today: June 28th, 2020

The Father says today the kingdom is not defunded, and the kingdom is not under siege. Never forget that your tomorrows are not in the hands of the mob, nor the hands of the governments of men. You are My peculiar treasure, and the person that touches you or anything that pertains to you touches the pupil of My eye. I will bless those that bless you, and I will disenfranchise from your life those that act in contradiction to what I have said about you. Your destiny is intact. Your life is in My hands, and you are safe from all alarm.

So be careful for nothing, says the Father. Be careful for nothing, but in all things, give thanks for I am bringing you through and bringing you out of the oven of affliction and persecution without even the smell of smoke on your garments. You will not bend, and you will not bow to the tyranny of the opinions of others or their plans against who I am and what I have declared over your life. Open your mouth and declare the decree, and My promise will rise up to meet you and cover you and increase you even in the midst of upheaval and turmoil that is coming upon the earth.

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