The Father Says Today: July 14th, 2019

The Father Says Today: July 14th, 2019

The Father says today, My kingdom is within you. Let it blast through all the carnality and human reasoning and make itself evident in your life in instantaneous, radical results and breakthrough. Always remember that the kingdom that is not in you is not the kingdom, even as I said in My word. I have placed My joy, My peace and My righteousness on the inside of you accessible to every need. Push past the contamination of fear, stress, worry, and certainty of failure and make room in your mind for My mind – the mind of Christ to assert itself in anticipation of an unprecedented miracle – breaking now in your life.
Shake off the religious ideation of concealed faith. Your faith; the faith that I have given to every man was never intended to be a hidden thing cloistered in the stale, barren traditions of hopelessness and despair. Do you hear the incessant knocking? That’s not Me trying to get in. I am ALREADY ON THE INSIDE OF YOU. That knocking is your FAITH hurling itself against the gates and barriers of unbelief in order to get OUT into your life and situation. When your faith breaks out to the clean air of visible action, your miracle – the miracle you’ve been waiting for will become a foregone conclusion.

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