The Father Says Today: January 5th, 2019

The Father Says Today: January 5th, 2019

The Father says today, I have not forsaken you. The blow aimed at you fell upon Me two thousand years ago. The price is paid. All is forgiven. I say to you go free from the snare of the fowler. I am holding you safe in My everlasting arms. The scourge that flies by day and the pestilence by night will not come near you because I interposed Myself between you and the consequences of calamity centuries ago. You have permission to trust and permission to rest. That isn’t what others tell you because they want to put you to flight as though to control what happens next in your life. Leave them to Me. They give themselves a clemency they refuse to extend to you, and as such I will take care of that as regarding your situation.
Do you trust Me, says the Father? Then let Me take it from here. Just choose to praise Me in the night seasons. As Paul and Silas praised Me when their feet were held fast in the stocks and the stripes on their backs were still bleeding. Even so, praise Me and the prison house of your circumstance will be shaken, and you will go free. It’s who I am and what I do. As you have cried to Me, so will you be delivered. As you have called out for answers, so you will not be confounded. Those that laughed you to scorn will see My lovingkindness toward you for I will cause you to hope as when you suckled your mother’s breast. Though they gape upon you with their mouths, know that I am your defender and will bring you out intact and on target for a full manifestation of destiny in your life.

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Other Comments

  • Carmen Joseph says:

    Lord You are great there is no one else like You. You are highly exalted You are my King. I worship You. Thank You that You never leave me nor forsake me Amen.

  • Carmen Joseph says:

    Lord You are great there is no one else like You. YOU are highly exalted YOU are my King I worship YOU. Thank You that YOU never leave me nor forsake me Amen.

  • lucia szymanik says:

    I accept this Word the enemy has been hindering my destiny but my trust is in the Lord.