The Father Says Today: January 24th, 2023

The Father says today, let agreement rule and reign in your life. Let the Matthew 18 agreement take authority in your mind and in your heart. Refuse to allow ANYTHING to bring you out of agreement with My word and My Spirit. Your capacity for agreement is the exact measurement of your miracle. You must silence the dialogue of skepticism and unbelief. You must refuse to question the veracity of My word, choosing rather challenge the authority of empirical evidence and sense knowledge. You are in a position to enjoy a much greater entitlement in My kingdom today, says the Father. It is in the grasp of the singleness of your mind, singleness of purpose, and singleness of heart.

Prophet Russ – I Want You to Be the Prophet in My Life!

So put down every rule and every authority that mocks My fidelity and faithfulness. Refuse to bow to the tyranny of what your eyes see and what past experience has insisted will be repeated. Let go. Forgive. Release. Bless. Move on to the newness of My mercy that awaits you this day. The deposit of My mercy is on tap for you, and its flow will not be stemmed by any man, demon, or angel, says your Father. I am a faithful God, and My hand will be moved by a faith-filled heart. Still, the dialogue of unbelief in your heart. Drink deeply of the rivers and currents of My Spirit that bubble and are effervescent in the inner recesses of your spirit. The rivulets of the miraculous are finding their way to the surface of your life as you come into agreement with Me this very instant.

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