The Father Says Today: January 20th, 2023

The Father says today, MARK the PERFECT man; the end of that man shall be peace. Have I not marked you and singled you out as a recipient of My mercy? I have marked you and remembered you this day, even as I remembered Noah and the survivors of the deluge. You have wondered what the outcome would be at times. You are still here, aren’t you? Care not for tomorrow. Take the energies spent on tomorrow’s problems and spend them on Me. As you come to Me, so I will shield and protect you from tomorrow’s evils.

When I remembered Noah, I caused a wind to blow. Even so, My wind is blowing over you right now at this very moment. The wind that I am sending over your life will cause the waters of adversity to abate, and you will step out on dry ground. You will come through the present assault of hell undamaged and undiminished. This will ever be the consistent response of My hand where you are concerned. Expect My wind, the wind of My grace, and the wind of My mercy. The wind of My strength will turn back the blighting scourge of the enemy and deliver you intact on the side of victory.

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