The Father Says Today: January 19th, 2019

The Father Says Today: January 19th, 2019

The Father says today, I am your hope for My ear is open to your cry. When friends and close family turn aside, I am ever near as the friend that sticks closer than a brother. The snares that men have laid for you are being exposed, and the mischief they planned against you will take them in their own deceits. There is no need to defend yourself or to insist that your voice be heard among men. I am here. I am your defense and I am your defender. When your foot slips on the path, I am there to snatch you to safety. I will come suddenly into the midst, and all that darkness and evil that bays at your door like a hound will be turned back, says the Father.
Make it your determination to stand willing to be corrected, even under intense pressure. One thing you can be sure of is that your enemies will not humble themselves in their pursuit of your life. Humility is your secret weapon. It is the one thing that Satan cannot counterfeit for he never had any humility to begin with. As he was a liar from the beginning, so his defeat is assured and your victory a certainty. It doesn’t matter how lively your foes are or how many they gather on their side of the argument. When you stand in alignment with My word and My promise, you are in the majority and will come out on the other side intact and on target for the utter and complete fulfillment of your destiny.

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