The Father Says Today: January 12th, 2020

The Father Says Today: January 12th, 2020

The Father says today, come to My altar. I will that My altar be restored in your life. Remove the things that have cluttered My place in your life. Clean out the distractions and the diversions from your daily life that are robbing you of all that I have for you. I have called you to walk in peace and sublimity of spirit before Me. You are highly favored this day, says the Father. Misfortune is not your portion. Downturn is not in your future. You are going from glory to glory and faith to faith from henceforth, forevermore.

The enemy has painted pictures on the canvas of your mind to terrify and torment you. These are lies and deceptions, says the Father. You are not spiraling down into horror and chaos. You are ascending to your dwelling place at My right hand. Shake yourself and break the mesmerism of worry and fear. Struggle is not your portion. Mine is the yoke easy and the burden light. That is not always the teaching you have heard or the instruction you’ve been given, but this day I rip away that false doctrine, and I immerse you into the life that is abundant and yes, more abundant from this day forward.

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