The Father Says Today: February 2nd, 2021

The Father Says Today: February 2nd, 2021

The Father says today, behold, the Angel of Change is come to initiate change in your life. Embrace this and greet what I am doing with arms wide open and a heart ready to receive the adjustments, the shifts, and the overarching reinvention and radical transformation that is yours. Listen to your inner man, says God, for that is where Jesus dwells on the inside of you by faith to apply the efficacy of the shed blood of Calvary on every avenue of your life. Wounding and disappointment are going. Rationale and logical reasoning of the natural mind are dissolving into the quantum soup of My nature to bring order from chaos, life from death, and joy unspeakable and full, even saturated with My glory.

You’ve asked and you’ve asked. The mistakes of the past have daunted you, and in your heart, you so longed to grow beyond the shortcomings that contributed to such tragedy in your life. The Father says, listen to Me, oh, My beloved. I’m the hero. What you can’t fix or repair is transformed by one moment of My compassion outpoured. Stop questioning yourself and trust Me. Let Me take it from here. No longer put all your energy into keeping yourself in a place of rigidity for it is not time to mourn but a time to laugh. I take no pleasure when you look back and try to align and correct your path after your own thinking. I am the WAY and the PATH. Just keep walking forward in reliance on who I am right now on the inside of you. Don’t be like Peter swinging his sword and making promises he couldn’t keep. Be like John and just rest your head on My shoulder and we will walk forward together into a future you couldn’t imagine for blessing, goodness, and joy – just ahead of you.

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  • Thank You God for Your Word. This is such a timely message for the season of my life I’m in right now. Less of me and All of you God is my Prayer. Have Your way in my life. I Trust You God. Amen

  • I typically read these in the morning! I skipped this morning but I wish I would have read first thing as I really needed this today. I will meditate on this before bed. Thank you Jesus AMEN

  • Roseanna says:


  • I surrender all in trusting everything will out for my good. I agree, believe and receive all spoken with thanksgiving and praise. In Jesus’ name, Amen. Blessings, Shalom and Agape.

  • This is so what I heard the Lord say to me. What a revelation thank you Lord. How could I not believe? How can I receive daily prophetic word please