The Father says today, allow Me to cleanse your heart afresh and anew. My goodness is extended to you and magnified as you return to Me again and again for the washing of the water of My word. As Naaman washed and was made clean, so the scars and wounds of the past are now fading away. Brand-new life is filling your heart with joy and expectation even this day. These are the waters I have poured out upon you that go softly as the waters of Shiloh to transform and make new your heart and your mind, says the Father.

Never be envious of the foolish or distracted by the prosperity of the wicked. The treasures they boast in are only for a moment, but the riches of My glory in you are lasting and eternal. When your own sense of need is profound, draw upon the glory of who I am on the inside of you. I have assuredly placed in your heart My manifest substance to meet every need in full and in a timely fashion. Draw near to Me then and put your trust in the works of My hand, for I will never leave you wanting or in failure.

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  • L.A. says:

    Halleluyah!!!! I finally got a chance to read this message I missed. God is good & always on time. I can truly appreciate this message more than I probably would have appeciated it, if I had read it on Feb. 27th.
    I just received an unexpected gift, yesterday. This gift came at a perfect time. God’s mercies are Sure & we can always count on Him to prove Himself. Glory to God!!! To the weak, struggling & sorrowful& lonely, He says, “Come unto Me and I will give you rest.” Draw upon this and all of His Promises!!! Be worried & anxiuos over NOTHING!!! Prayer, suppliations, with Thanksgiving, are Guarenteed Blessed responses & rewards. Meditate upon this fact & the Awesome Uniqueness of God, in that He actually rewards the One diligently seeking Him!!!Humans follow this principle somewhat, To explain, when a loved one with dementia is lost, the one who finds him is sometimes rewarded. When a runaway prisoner is searvhed & found, sometimes a reward follows. In the case of our Savior, many & are welcome to diligently seek Him. For not just finding Him, but simply for seeking Him, we get rewarded. I draw from this that we are so assured of finding Him, when we do not give up on searching for Him & finding Him is the ultimate Reward in, of & through Him. Such knowledge is too Wonderful for me(tpondering & examining this too long, would blow my mind! What a mighty God we serve!!!

  • Sehz says:

    Thank you… I needed to hear this and be reminded of his love…

  • CB says:

    Thank you Lord for these promises. Let your word be a lamb unto my feet and a light unto my path in Jesus name Amen

  • Bernard La Chance says:


  • Carolyne Yula says:

    I praise thee all the days of my life for I am a plantation for thee to display thy splendour.. God is great

  • Carol May says:

    Praise the Lord from whom all BLESSINGS FLOW as I agree & received with joy Your full assurance of cleansing in JESUS Christ MIGHTY NAME
    Amen and Amen and Amen

  • Robearh says:

    Glory to God ! Thank you Abba Daddy, for my trust in thee is profound. I trust thee completely. I love you. I Praise thy name. Worthy are you to be praised in all the earth. I am blessed. I receive thy words in joy, joy, joy, love, love, love, for thou are indeed with me. Amen

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