The Father Says Today: February 23rd, 2021

The Father Says Today: February 23rd, 2021

The Father says today, there is a voice within you crying out “grace, grace, grace” to the capstone of My presence and My glory on the inside of you. It’s not by might, and it’s not by power, darling – only by My Spirit that I’m going to do the things in the earth you are going to be a part of. Stop trying to be strong and just accept My strength. Please stop trying to be mighty, for only My might on the inside of you can quench the violence of sword and put you over in life. At your strongest, and best, and most put-together moments, you are doing nothing other than shadow boxing. Rest. Rest in Me and say in your heart, “It is the Father that does the work.” Then you will see something – oh, will you see some things! Of My power and My strength and My glory, you will witness a total sea change in your life and circumstances.

Get ready to take off, says God. I am surrounding you with the softness and solace of My love. You are launching now into the depth, the height, and the breadth of My love like never before. Run. Gird your feet and run into My name. I am here with open arms. I am here loving you with all the love that sent Heaven’s Darling to pay the price for every sin, every misdirection you have gone through. I know you’ve made mistakes. I know you’ve transgressed. My love is so much bigger than all of that. Look to Me. You won’t be disappointed, for this is your personal season of endearment and blessing, says the Father.

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