The Father Says Today: February 15th, 2020

The Father Says Today: February 15th, 2020

The Father says today, come where deep calls to deep. I am leading you to a place of worship that is uniquely your own. The secret place awaits and when you go to the secret place, you learn the secrets hidden from the foundation of the world and available for your benefit and blessing. Worship is not always a shared experience. Worship is not always for the eyes of others. I am drawing you away in obscurity so that you might experience intimacy with Me that only you can appreciate. I will talk to you in that place, and I will speak mysteries that have been hidden and kept as a treasure to be revealed to those who shut themselves away in the alone place with Me. You have asked Me for this, and I heard you at the appointed time. You cried out to Me in your heart, “Is this all there is?” You cried out, “Is there not more?” Draw yourself away with Me, says the Father.

Make time for Me this day. Do not wait for a convenient moment since the urgent always conspires to deny you a deeper intimacy with Me. Others around you will not be too keen to hear about your experiences in that place of drawing away. It is called the secret place – not because I have hidden it but because few care to go there. Draw yourself away with Me, says the Father. Drink of the waters of intimacy that only I can provide you, even this day.

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