The Father Says Today: February 13th, 2020

The Father Says Today: February 13th, 2020

The Father says today, you have far more influence than you know. I have placed inside you the ability to bring about and to change the substance of things that make up your life. I have given you the measure of faith and the measure of your faith is determined by the totality of My word. My word expresses for you what I intend for you to experience and walk in. You are a water-walker. You are in My name a master of demonic hosts and all the powers of darkness. I have imparted to you the ability to take the loaves and fishes of your limitation and to break them and distribute them miraculously to every single need you have and every need of others you encounter. My boundlessness is in you. My authority is in your right hand. You have miracles in your mouth and the time is now.

Give yourself over to who I am on the inside of you. Accept Me not only as Savior but bow the knee to Me as Lord. When My lordship is established in you it will likewise be manifest around you in the form of answered prayer, signs, miracles and wonders. Choose to believe this. Choose to come out of the shallows of religious culture and the anemic understandings of My word that were given to you in the past by the councils of the uninformed. You are not less than. The Greater One lives on the inside of you. By the indwelling of My Spirit, you are so much more than the sum total of your parts. The future is in your hands by My word that I have spoken to you. You are not limited by your birth, your economic station in life or the mistakes of the past. Spread your wings. Step out. Make the bold decisions that are necessary, for My kingdom is motion-activated and voice-activated. The Cross has paid for it all and the next move is yours.

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