The Father Says Today: December 2nd, 2019

The Father Says Today: December 2nd, 2019

The Father says today, I am bringing you out of darkness and confusion. I am bringing you clarity and understanding. The question marks in your life are going to come into sharp focus, and you are going to see through the fog of unknowing. Do not be surprised or shocked by what is revealed, says the Father. Your first reaction will be to act without thinking to correct things. The Father says to you, “Wait on Me.” Wait upon the prompting of My Spirit. I am going to teach you to live with imperfection. You are going to learn that My grace, favor, and promises were not made on the condition that you do everything right. The fulfillment of your destiny is not predicated on you becoming some inhuman example of infallibility. Every promise I have made and every dream I have given you takes into consideration your shortcomings and outright failures.

Even in the midst of your flawed humanity, you will find My favor! I am foolishly fond of you, says the Father. I love you unconditionally, and yes, there are many things in your life that test My resolve to do just that. I am pouring Myself into you and surrounding you with favor as with a shield. I am buttressing and protecting you by clothing you with Myself. I am not concerned you will not grow out of the things in your nature that do not reflect My character. Relax into Me, says the Father. Rest in who I am in you. Turn your face to Me and allow the transformation to take place. Do not worry about whether I will reject or deny you. The only thing that can separate you from My care is your determination to distance yourself from who I am in your life. Content yourself with My love and trust that I have all in hand. The only preoccupation you need this day is to love Me and know that you are loved in return with an everlasting love.

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