The Father says today, you are not forgotten, and I haven’t set you aside. The enemy wants you to think it’s all over, but you haven’t seen anything yet. You have trusted, and you have believed, and I have noticed that, says the Father. Your expectation and hope will not perish but will come to pass without fail. I am not a God of failure, and I am not a God who sits back watching you suffer and languish under challenging circumstances. Call upon Me. Concerning the works of My hands command Me and see what happens next.

Troubles and trials will not prevail against you, says God. The gavel is coming down in your favor. There will be vindication in your behalf, brought about by My hand. What man has threatened and what circumstances appear to be will be turned around, for this is your “turn around” time. You will not be disappointed and your confidence in My promise will not come to nothing. Even when you feel frail and weak and about to cave in, so I will show up in sudden deliverance to change what things look like and cause you to cast off the garment of heaviness and set your feet to dancing as the enemy is wholly turned aside in your situation and circumstance.

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  • Carmen Joseph says:

    Thank You GOD for this day I receive I receive this word today and thank YOU Father for bringing this word to pass in my life. Amen.

  • Merry Taylor says:

    Thank you father God and thank you Jesus. And thank you for this prophetic word.

  • Donna McGibbon lowe says:

    These daily prophetic words are truth and very encouraging in so much that it is lifting my faith and sharpening my prayer life. They have been a guiding light in my daily walk with the Lord. Thank you so much Russ and Kitty for spending time in prayer not for just me but for many other persons like me. May the Lord continue to bless you in all your endeavor and especially for this season of the year.

  • lucia szymanik says:

    Praise the Lord forever more, I believe His promise to me I am waiting patiently. It will be soon, very soon.

  • Carol May says:

    Glory to God in the highest!

  • Bethany says:

    Richard Cerchia
    Do you have an email address?

  • Robearh says:

    Amen and Amen ! Glory to God, Thank you Jesus, I receive thy words this day. Hallelujah !

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