The Father Says Today: August 6th, 2020

The Father says today I am elevating the work of your hands and putting on display the gifts, talents, skill, and anointing that I’ve placed inside you for My glory. You’ve wondered why you’ve put so much effort into something that seemingly hasn’t come to fruition but now with just a slight alteration and different manner of presentation suddenly the lights go up and all the attention will be upon you for promotion and acknowledgment of what I’ve done in and through you in My kingdom. It will open a door for you to cause many to know your testimony and receive the witness of what your walk with Me is all about. Things that have been misconstrued and even that caused you to be misunderstood and accused falsely will be cleared up as My favor visits your life in an unusual and unique way.

There is also now manifesting a provisioning and prosperity for your benefit as resources of opportunity, connection, collaboration and yes, even money will start to pour in on the left and the right – just like a tub filling up with water that you might wash away the stigma of failure and lack that has daunted you in times past that has now come to an end. No more looking back and waiting for the next disappointment in a long string of disappointments – those days are over. You are now moving forward not in the flawed schemes of men but in the unfailing initiatives of My kingdom that now unfold to you ready to spring into manifestation of highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled.

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