The Father Says Today: April 14th, 2019

The Father Says Today: April 14th, 2019

The Father says today, no more shame and no more torment! I have no interest in self-recrimination or condemning yourself for things beyond your control. Forgive yourself and let yourself off the hook. The tormentor who is your enemy will never go away as long as self-torment, false guilt and selfish remorse continue to hold the door open to let him into your life. Receive genuinely in your heart today that I am not the Grand Inquisitor of the universe. Crying your heart out or grieving over past situations and shortcomings–let go. Walk on. Tune out the rationalizations and shame that others can’t let go of. Your transgressions and shortcomings are first and foremost before Me, and I pronounce you free and forgiven.
So, as I overturned the tables in the temple in Jerusalem, rise up and go in the zeal of My house that YOU ARE. Turn over the tables of the merchandisers of emotional conflict, guilt, shame and blame leveling. Let there be an end to it, even this day. Refuse to be anchored in self-referral originating in the past. Take those deep levels of your inner man and allow Me to wash every layer in the cleansing, purifying detergent of My word. I say, you are clean. I say, you are forgiven. The most potent thing influencing your NOW is My blessing and favor standing in full manifestation in your tomorrows and transmitting the same favor, beyond expectation–blessing in advance of promotion and increase; these are yours, says the Father, and your righteousness is of Me.

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  • Susan Wang says:

    Thanks! This was exactly word for word my situation today ! The enemy attacked me thru verbal insult by persons that triggered an onset of thoughts from my past that took me years to overcome . The enemy used what that person said to dig up a lot of self pity and inferiority that I thought I had gotten over . I spent most of my day meditating on that but seeing this prophetic word I see that God is strictly admonishing me to stop it and let go of what was said to me and move on no matter how painful it may be ! I am truly grateful for this word . Before I read this right now I prayed for a very personal word and I got it !

  • lucia szymanik says:

    The Father spoke it, I am free and it is done, no more. I am not carrying the past anymore, now or ever; IT IS FINISHED.!