Step Out of the Known Into All God has Planned for Your Next Assignment

The prevailing winds of My Spirit are blowing. Abandon all self-interest, distraction, and purpose to follow after what I Am doing in your midst, says the Father. Be willing to commit to what I Am doing without requiring explanation, clarification, or analysis. I Am working a thing in your midst that your mind will not understand because My thoughts are not your thoughts and My ways are not your ways. Will you be scandalized or say, “speak Lord for thy servant heareth?” The answer to that question will determine what happens next in your life.

Prophet Russ – I Commit to What God is Doing Without Explanation, Clarification or Analysis!

Text PROPHET to 44321 and Sow Your Faith into This Word

This is the season of the open door. Not a door by which something you understand and approve of will enter in, but rather a door for you to step out of what you know and into what I have planned for you in this next assignment. Be pliable. Be interruptible. Be sendable, spendable and bendable. Allow Me to bend you like wheat in the wind. Exclude the contamination of natural thinking that demands answers and a rational understanding of what lies ahead. I have great and mighty things that I Am doing on the earth, says the Lord, but for you to participate, you must be a willing and obedient servant, not answering again but simply yielding, trusting, and following Me to where I would lead you this day.

Prophet Russ – I Am Pliable, Interruptible, Sendable, Spendable and Bendable This Day!

Text PROPHET to 44321 and Sow Your Faith into This Word

All creation praises My name, says the Father. That which was created by My hand is returning to My throne the due deference of honor and worship that it was created to bring forth. Even as the very stones cry out, there is praise in the earth, for My sons and My daughters are being made manifest. The groaning of the earth is heard in the heavens, and as the heavens hear the earth and the earth responds to the heavens, change is coming forth, and new liberty will be experienced in your life, says God. The earth around you is responding, and YOUR EARTH, the very dust you came from, is resonating and vibrating at the frequency of My glory. Say to your eyes, see, and your ears, hear, for this is a day when flesh and blood are being brought into surrender to My will and My purpose in you.

This is the freedom by which I make you free. I have freed you, not to unrestricted license but to the first principles by which you begin to inherit the full manifestation of who I Am in you and all that entails. I Am drawing you, says the Father. I am compelling a new understanding in you and a fresh experience in you of the glory that you had in Me in the beginning before the world was. Before the earth was ever on the drawing boards in heaven, you were perfect and accepted in the Beloved. I call you, therefore, My beloved, and I call you out of the limitation of a human experience seeking the heavenly. I call you into the unlimited spiritual experience of heaven, breaking through all-natural barriers and the hindrances of the enemy to establish you and launch you into the deep of My Spirit beyond all your expectation, says God.

Prophet Russ – I Break Through All Natural Barriers and Launch into the Deep This Day!

Text PROPHET to 44321 and Sow Your Faith into This Word

Listen – responding to the word IN THE MOMENT is something Kim Clement taught us. Act now – and sow into this word. Sow bountifully. Sow according to what you need and want God to do in your situation. This is your time – make a move! What is the dimension of your seed? What do you need? Let the extent of the seed you sow reflect the dimension of what you believe for financially. God told us once, “If you have faith to give $10,000, you have faith to receive $1,000,000! Wow! That statement will locate you, won’t it! What you have faith to give – determines what you have faith to receive. Be a receiver in your giving today of the radical return. Radical giving produces radical results back into your life!


Prophet Russ Walden

The Blessings and Anointing on FHM are Mine NOW as I Partner and Pledge a Monthly Donation!

Now – take a step of faith and to go to and sow into this
breakthrough word for your situation. Plant a sacrificial seed into what God does next in your life.

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Remember, every word mixed with faith immediately begins to come to pass. Your donation is your step of faith, believing. When something leaves your hand to God, something leaves His hand to you. There is power in this word to TURN THINGS AROUND for you and move your life in the direction highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled.


Prophet Russ Walden

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