Prophet Russ Introduces the Online Prophetic School (Video)

Prophet Russ Introduces the Online Prophetic School (Video)

Video Introduction to the Online Prophetic School

Watch the video below as Prophet Russ introduced the Online Prophetic School. These powerful courses sponsored by Father’s Heart Ministry are now enrolling for classes beginning August 15th. Included this year “The Prophetic Dream Interpretation Course”. In the following Youtube, Prophet Russ tells how the school got started, gives testimony of the 3000+ students who have experienced these powerful courses and gives enrollment information for upcoming rotation of classes. Watch the video then review below for more information:

Beginner  – Intermediate – Advanced

The Online Prophetic School is currently enrolling for the first of the year! Our big news is that with the addition of Course 6 “Prophetic Dream Interpretation” this material is one of the most comprehensive, thorough training tools in the prophetic available on the internet. Be sure to look at the enrollment option below that includes the DREAM COURSE for FREE!

Online Prophetic School Information:

(Full Course Descriptions Below)

Prophets Russ and Kitty

Below you will find descriptions of 6 courses to choose from tailored to fit your experience level. This includes a module on prophetic office and our recent addition “Prophetic Dream Interpretation”. In these exciting online and interactive lessons, you will activate the voice of God in your life! After each course, you will receive a certificate of completion and an opportunity to advance to the next level. In each lesson there is:

1.) Streaming video teaching by Prophet Russ
2.) A printable/online lesson to study
3.) An interactive forum to enjoy as you put what you learn into practice.

Looking for a suggestion? Start at the beginning by enrolling in Course 1 “Activating the Prophetic” OR to opt into more advanced courses you feel may suit your experience level. We want you to get the whole benefit out of what the Online Prophetic School has to offer.

The courses are listed in the specific order that we would recommend that you take them – however, you may proceed at your discretion taking only those courses you desire. There are also discounted enrollments for those who wish to enroll in the entire school, or having taken Course 1 to enroll in the remainder of the courses. In each course, you will see an installment option for those wishing to make weekly payments.

Prophets Russ and Kitty are committed to raising up a relevant prophetic generation and the Online Prophetic School will seriously launch you into greater gifting and anointing in God!

Enrollment Now Open – 6 Different Courses to Choose From**!
Choose the course(s) that are right for you!

[All Courses are conducted online, including video-on-demand, downloadable PDF studies, and online activation forums where you interact and practice with other interns. In the forums, you will be mentored in prophesying to other interns and enjoy receiving personal prophecy as well from those who, like you are being trained in a safe, learning environment.]

NOTE: Sign up for all 6 you get the Prophetic Dream Course FREE!

PLEASE NOTE: Course Enrollments are NON-REFUNDABLE

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What Happens After You Enroll:

Within a day after enrollment, you will receive a welcome e-mail with details (or you may contact our Course Administrator, Terri Allen at; or text/call our office at 417.593.9802). Be sure to check your spam folder, etc., in the event the orientation e-mail sent lands outside your inbox. 

Note: For those who do not use online transactions: If you would like to mail in your donation for the course here is the address (be sure to include “Prophetic Course” in your donation memo and specify Course 1,2 etc. you wish to take [check or money order]:

Father’s Heart Ministry
P.O. Box 1915
Branson, MO 65615

God bless you! It is our privilege to train you to hear the Father’s voice!

Reviews of the Courses from our Alumni:

William G. of Connecticut: Activating the Prophetic Course 1 & Propagating the Prophetic Course 2, 2017
One of the very first things I heard Prophet Russ Walden say was that “The Kingdom does not come by observation” (Luke 17:20). Which meant to me that I could sit back and call myself waiting on the Lord all I wanted, this scripture told me that I needed to get up and BE the kingdom. I have given prophetic words to people and to much shock they were spot on. Had I not jumped into these courses, I would still be standing on the sidelines watching. I would encourage everyone to jump in and trust in the Lord, He wants to speak to you and through You!
Cliff S. of California: Activating the Prophetic Course 1 & Propagating the Prophetic Course 2, 2017
I have to say that I felt that God wanted me to take the courses from the beginning even though I’m not a novice in the prophetic. I have truly had a wonderful and enlightening time learning more about the prophetic than I already knew. I love encouraging people. Being kept active in the prophetic has served as a key to further develop the gifts that God has placed in all of us to build up His body for me. I intend to as God leads, to take all of the classes that this ministry has to offer. After what I have already learned, I know that this will be one of the best investments I have ever made in studying to show myself approved unto God for Jesus, His kingdom, and my own sake.
Sarah T. of the UK: Activating the Prophetic Course 1 & Propagating the Prophetic Course 2, 2017
The Courses have changed my life completely. I can now hear the Lord’s voice ‘daily’ and we converse on all sorts of subjects. I have loved the growth of trying to write a few words for fellow interns at the start of the first course, to writing 2 sheets of words by the end of Course 1!
Rachel M. of North Carolina: Propagating in the Prophetic Course 2, Advancing in the Prophetic Course 3 and Office of the Prophet Course 4, 2016
My whole perspective on the prophetic was changed, encouraged, and brought into alignment with what the Lord wants me to do with my life.  I have found a place in God that I never expected to have and I have been richly blessed by these courses.  I would recommend them to anyone.
Tracy B. of USA: Activating the Prophetic Course 1 & Propagating the Prophetic Course 2, 2017
The course is beneficial for building your confidence that God speaks to you. You learn which way(s) He speaks to you. You gain a deeper understanding of His love and concern for the details in your life which, in turn, helps you want to share with others that sweet compassion. There truly is nothing to be afraid of… It is a very safe place to learn.
Melodee T. of South Dakota: Prophetic Office Course 4
This course was great!  I am much more confident with prophesying and can’t wait to see where the Lord leads, although much has opened already.  The instruction is easy to understand and brought to light what I’ve known for a long time. I needed confirmation, instruction on some things, guidance, information, hands-on teaching, etc.  I taught one class at my church and my pastors and most of my church, are learning to prophesy and loving it!  God is so good!  Thank you- Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit!  Thank you- Prophets Russ, Kitty, and Terri Allen!  What a Blessing you are in the Kingdom of Our King!
Darcy D. of Colorado: Activating the Prophetic Course 1, Propagating the Prophetic Course 2, Advancing in the Prophetic Course 3 & Prophetic Counseling Course 5, 2017
I completed Courses 1, 2 & 3 and then I was asked by the Father to move ahead to Course 5, Prophetic Counseling.  At that time, I had no idea that the Father would be launching me from my own practice as a psychotherapist into a full-blown ministry where I would be providing Prophetic Counseling to members of all walks of life. Timing is everything!  The prophetic school at FHM equipped me for the greater assignment!
Ronda W, of New Jersey: Activating the Prophetic Course 1, Propagating the Prophetic Course 2, Advancing in the Prophetic Course 3, Prophetic Office Course 4 & Prophetic Counseling Course 5, 2016-2017
My participation in the online prophetic school was a divine appointment in my life. The courses helped me experience the voice of the Lord in different situations and increased my confidence. Now I am comfortable sharing what I am hearing prophetically. I am moving forward in ministry knowing that He has equipped me for His Kingdom work. I will never be the same. Free to be me. Thank you FHM family.
Georgette T. of Missouri: Activating the Prophetic Course 1, Propagating the Prophetic Course 2, Advancing in the Prophetic Course 3, Prophetic Office Course 4 & Prophetic Counseling Course 5, 2016-2017
Through Prophet Russ’s wonderful teachings and lesson plans, my confidence and understanding has increased in receiving and expressing what the Father reveals to me, clarity has come regarding my gifts and personal encounters and opportunities are provided to minister to others. I am so blessed and grateful to be a part of this ministry where I have a sense of belonging and have made new friends in this fun and interactive family environment.
Charles E.N. of Nigeria: Activating the Prophetic Course 1, Propagating the Prophetic Course 2, Advancing in the Prophetic Course 3, Prophetic Office Course 4 & Prophetic Counseling Course 5, 2016-2017
The courses were really inspirational and helpful in enabling me to learn how to hear the voice of God clearly. The courses are simplified and very practical for anyone desirous of discovering and operating in the prophetic. Prior to attending the training courses, I could not discern the voice of God clearly neither did I know I had the prophetic gifting even though i had desired and longed for it over the years. At the end of the program, I was also imparted with this gift through the mantle from Prophet Russ and Kitty and right now it is growing by the day. The courses are highly recommended to anyone who is thinking of enrolling.
Michael M. of Mississippi: Activating the Prophetic Course 1, Propagating the Prophetic Course 2, & Prophetic Office Course 4 2016-2017
I took Course 1 at the recommendation of a friend, and it “stretched” me in a good way. I began to “Step out on the water” in a safe and friendly environment through Russell Walden’s teaching. It was not easy, but it was rewarding, and I learned a lot. It was very encouraging to get feedback from people, and it lifted my spirits! I then took course 4, and it “settled me” in the Prophetic calling and helped make my calling and Election sure! If you want to learn about the Prophetic and grow in your calling, I recommend it highly!
Terry Lynn S. Missouri, USA:
I believe what has made your prophetic course life changing for me is, we learn by doing. We not only read the lessons and watch the videos. We put into practice what we are studying. And what a world of difference that makes!
Cheng Z. Connecticut, USA:
This class helped me to get more close to Jesus. Helped me to understand God’s word more. Thank you so much.
Marla J.  California, USA:
I took Course 1 and plan to do Part 2 soon. The course helped me to grow more in my relationship with the Lord. It helped to promote more intimacy with the Father. I always felt He was afar off, but this class helped me to experience His nearness and His desire to talk to me. The Practice Lessons were excellent because they provide an opportunity for you to apply what was learned.
Gladys P. Alberta, Canada:
For me, it did away with the lie that ‘I can’t hear God’ and now I hear him all the time… It gave me the confidence to speak prophetically and to use the gift that God has given me…
Lisa M.  Norway:
The practical aspect of the course really challenged me to press into God to get prophetic words for other group members. The weekly teachings helped demystify hearing God’s voice and exposed the myth that only select, appointed people are gifted with prophecy and generously invites all of God’s children to hear His voice and prophecy. It also sheds light on the confusion between Old and New Testament prophecy.
Derrick T., Ghana
This course has given me the courage to speak the deep mind of God to people. My ministry has benefited greatly from this course. God bless Prophets Walden.
Amanda F.  Manitoba, Canada
I am in the 3rd internship now. When I took the 1st internship, I was recovering from a broken relationship and this internship helped me to reach God in ways I had never been able to when I had been emotionally healthy. This course has completely changed the direction of my life – I’m now in a Spirit-filled church, I’m the house prophet there and train my own class in prophecy. If you want to see your life drastically change and be truly lead by the Spirit, take the Fathers Heart Ministry Internships!
Ava E.  Florida, USA
This course has sown into my Spirit, an integrated boldness. I’m now confident in hearing the voice of The Lord. Thank you so much!!
Christie M.  Texas, USA
I LOVE this program because you receive very comprehensive teachings for each specific gift that you don’t see in other ministries. I’m grateful that Prophets Russ and Kitty have sacrificed so much to empty out of themselves and pour into others. This training is priceless!!!
Hannah W. South Carolina, USA
I have taken the Internship course 1. It has been a really good experience. I enjoyed the course, everything I learned and the members I prophesied to and received words from. I now have a good understanding of the Prophetic and am very thankful for all God has revealed. After the course, it was revealed that I will have a prophetic healing ministry after nursing school.
Karen N. Georgia, USA
I am so thankful for this class – it has helped me to better understand and treasure this gift. I have so appreciated the opportunities to encourage others through personal prophecy. The positive atmosphere of the entire forum has been a godsend to me. Would like to meet my “classmates” someday in person. Hope to see the Waldens in Atlanta at an upcoming event. They are special!
Salome B.  Denmark
This course has given me courage, strength, boldness and prophetic insight. I´m still taking course 1 and I want to finish all 3 courses because it benefits me, and the people around me. I´m so grateful to Terri and prophets Russ and Kitty for all they are doing at Father´s Heart Ministries and I pray that more people will take the Prophetic Internship Courses at their ministry.
Cynthia B.  Louisiana, USA
These Prophetic Courses have literally Catapulted me into My Destiny! I can NOW clearly hear God’s Voice for myself WITHOUT doubting it’s really Him speaking to me. The Lord also gives me Prophetic Words for others. Thank you Prophet’s Russell & Kitty Walden for your Love and Dedication to the Body of Christ for Activating the Voice of God in us. Your Reward will be Great!

  • We do allow you to work through these courses at your own pace – within reason. Each course is 6 weeks long and we hope that with our help you will finish in approximately that time period. We will, however, work with each student to make sure they get the good out of the lessons and extract all that God has for them!

**Refund Policy – due to the digital nature of this material and the effort that goes into setting each student up in the online courses – no refunds are available once you enroll.

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