Exodus: A Prophetic Perspective Commentary (PDF/e-Book)


Product Description:

Exodus – A Prophetic Perspective is Volume Two of the Prophetic Perspective Commentary. This study of Exodus part of a chapter by chapter study of the word of God using the expositional form of inquiry into the scriptures. Topical messages have their place but when you read and study the word of God in the expositional method, chapter by chapter you gain access to a level of narrative and inspiration you won’t get any other way. In studying the book of Exodus with Prophet Russ you will benefit from deep insights into the types and shadows of the Tabernacle and the law that will inform your walk with God and empower you in your faith.  In studying Exodus in this way we rely not only on scholarship but on the precious commodity of the anointing from a prophetic perspective. This resource will serve you well as a devotional tool that will deepen your love of God’s word and draw you out into the rarified atmosphere of revelatory study of the scripture.  (PDF/e-Book).

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