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MLToday: [2 Chronicles Thirty-Two] Hezekiah Defeats Sennecherrib. In the latter days of Hezekiah’s reign the Assyrians come down and prepare to besiege the city. Hezekiah discerns the situation and denies the enemy vital water supplies. In your life your enemies will require vital resources to defeat you that is in your power to deny them. Hezekiah also allied himself with Isaiah the prophet in the chambers of intercession. Much of the battle was one before a sword was drawn because Hezekiah understood the value of the prophetic and the value of prayer.
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[2Ch 32:1-33 KJV] 1 After these things, and the establishment thereof, Sennacherib king of Assyria came, and entered into Judah, and encamped against the fenced cities, and thought to win them for himself. 2 And when Hezekiah saw that Sennacherib was come, and that he was purposed to fight against Jerusalem, 3 He took counsel with his princes and his mighty men to stop the waters of the fountains which [were] without the city: and they did help him. 4 So there was gathered much people together, who stopped all the fountains, and the brook that ran through the midst of the land, saying, Why should the kings of Assyria come, and find much water? 5 Also he strengthened himself, and built up all the wall that was broken, and raised [it] up to the towers, and another wall without, and repaired Millo [in] the city of David, and made darts and shields in abundance. 6 And he set captains of war over the people, and gathered them together to him in the street of the gate of the city, and spake comfortably to them, saying, 7 Be strong and courageous, be not afraid nor dismayed for the king of Assyria, nor for all the multitude that [is] with him: for [there be] more with us than with him: 8 With him [is] an arm of flesh; but with us [is] the LORD our God to help us, and to fight our battles. And the people rested themselves upon the words of Hezekiah king of Judah. 9 After this did Sennacherib king of Assyria send his servants to Jerusalem, (but he [himself laid siege] against Lachish, and all his power with him,) unto Hezekiah king of Judah, and unto all Judah that [were] at Jerusalem, saying, 10 Thus saith Sennacherib king of Assyria, Whereon do ye trust, that ye abide in the siege in Jerusalem? 11 Doth not Hezekiah persuade you to give over yourselves to die by famine and by thirst, saying, The LORD our God shall deliver us out of the hand of the king of Assyria?
Hezekiah’s rule is established and a great renewal of fidelity to Jehovah takes place even to the point of including many of the northern tribes who had previously defected from the southern kingdom centuries before. Now Senecherrib of Assyria hears of the prosperity and strength of Judah and desires to take it for his own. Hezekiah could have taken the attitude of being downtrodden and discouraged but he does not. He doesn’t interpret the threatenings of the enemy as being God’s fault or a sign that God had forsaken them. When you move into a place of blessing in God you will at times garner the attention of the enemy. Those that are resentful and jealous of the favor of God in your life will not take the blessing over God over you lying down. They will look for ways to complicate your life and make things difficult as Senecherrib did with Hezekiah.
Notice what Hezekiah does. He goes out with the people and denies the Assyrians vital water supplies that they will need to mount a siege against Jerusalem. How does this translate in the battle that you will face when the enemy comes to steal your blessing. You may not be facing an armed camp surrounding your city but there are resources you can deny the enemy of your soul when he provokes people to rail against you. Solomon in Proverbs gives us one clue:
[Pro 26:20 KJV] 20 Where no wood is, [there] the fire goeth out: so where [there is] no talebearer, the strife ceaseth.
It was said by Sir Franscis Bacon in 1597 that “knowledge is power”. Learn to deny those who are part of the problem in your life information about yourself. Learn to be a gatherer of information and not a dispenser of information. You don’t have to take every phone call. You don’t have to read or answer every e-mail. There are people you don’t want to be friends with on Facebook. There is a such thing as blocking people on social media from seeing your profiles. Even when your testimony is of what God is doing in your life not everyone needs to have that knowledge. As Hezekiah denied Sennecherrib vital water supplies learn to use the discretion that denies your detractors information that they will only twist and contort and use against you. What if that means you don’t know what they are doing? God will make sure you are in the right place at the right time doing the right thing. Don’t worry about what your critics are saying or your enemies are doing. God is on your side when you leave such matters to Him and refuse to resort to the tactics of your disparagers.
12 Hath not the same Hezekiah taken away his high places and his altars, and commanded Judah and Jerusalem, saying, Ye shall worship before one altar, and burn incense upon it? 13 Know ye not what I and my fathers have done unto all the people of [other] lands? were the gods of the nations of those lands any ways able to deliver their lands out of mine hand? 14 Who [was there] among all the gods of those nations that my fathers utterly destroyed, that could deliver his people out of mine hand, that your God should be able to deliver you out of mine hand? 15 Now therefore let not Hezekiah deceive you, nor persuade you on this manner, neither yet believe him: for no god of any nation or kingdom was able to deliver his people out of mine hand, and out of the hand of my fathers: how much less shall your God deliver you out of mine hand? 16 And his servants spake yet [more] against the LORD God, and against his servant Hezekiah. 17 He wrote also letters to rail on the LORD God of Israel, and to speak against him, saying, As the gods of the nations of [other] lands have not delivered their people out of mine hand, so shall not the God of Hezekiah deliver his people out of mine hand. 18 Then they cried with a loud voice in the Jews’ speech unto the people of Jerusalem that [were] on the wall, to affright them, and to trouble them; that they might take the city. 19 And they spake against the God of Jerusalem, as against the gods of the people of the earth, [which were] the work of the hands of man. 20 And for this [cause] Hezekiah the king, and the prophet Isaiah the son of Amoz, prayed and cried to heaven.
When Hezekiah didn’t capitulate to Sennecherrib the Assyrian king then resorted to what amounts to psychological warfare. He reached out to Hezekiah’s people and to his allies. He pointed out controversial things that Hezekiah had done such as destroying the groves and the high places. He insinuated that he was the hand of providence sent to punish Hezekiah for his high-mindedness against the idols of the land.
What did Hezekiah do? He didn’t attempt to answer Sennecherribs campaign of slander against him. Instead he resorted to the prophet Isaiah and they went to the place of prayer together and cried out to the Lord. Who are you calling upon when you are in trouble? Who is the prophet in your life? If you don’t know it is because you don’t have one. If Hezekiah didn’t have Isaiah to stand with him in this challenge things might have turned out very differently. Learn to limit your counselors when the enemy comes at you in an all out assault. Ask yourself regarding your counselors – do you want the outcome in your life that they have had in theirs? Listen to the voice of God and find an ally who believes in you and sees the potential of God in your life and situation. You don’t want to resort to pessimists and fatalists when your are in the heat of battle.
21 And the LORD sent an angel, which cut off all the mighty men of valour, and the leaders and captains in the camp of the king of Assyria. So he returned with shame of face to his own land. And when he was come into the house of his god, they that came forth of his own bowels slew him there with the sword. 22 Thus the LORD saved Hezekiah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem from the hand of Sennacherib the king of Assyria, and from the hand of all [other], and guided them on every side. 23 And many brought gifts unto the LORD to Jerusalem, and presents to Hezekiah king of Judah: so that he was magnified in the sight of all nations from thenceforth. 24 In those days Hezekiah was sick to the death, and prayed unto the LORD: and he spake unto him, and he gave him a sign. 25 But Hezekiah rendered not again according to the benefit [done] unto him; for his heart was lifted up: therefore there was wrath upon him, and upon Judah and Jerusalem. 26 Notwithstanding Hezekiah humbled himself for the pride of his heart, [both] he and the inhabitants of Jerusalem, so that the wrath of the LORD came not upon them in the days of Hezekiah. 27 And Hezekiah had exceeding much riches and honour: and he made himself treasuries for silver, and for gold, and for precious stones, and for spices, and for shields, and for all manner of pleasant jewels; 28 Storehouses also for the increase of corn, and wine, and oil; and stalls for all manner of beasts, and cotes for flocks. 29 Moreover he provided him cities, and possessions of flocks and herds in abundance: for God had given him substance very much. 30 This same Hezekiah also stopped the upper watercourse of Gihon, and brought it straight down to the west side of the city of David. And Hezekiah prospered in all his works. 31 Howbeit in [the business of] the ambassadors of the princes of Babylon, who sent unto him to enquire of the wonder that was [done] in the land, God left him, to try him, that he might know all [that was] in his heart. 32 Now the rest of the acts of Hezekiah, and his goodness, behold, they [are] written in the vision of Isaiah the prophet, the son of Amoz, [and] in the book of the kings of Judah and Israel. 33 And Hezekiah slept with his fathers, and they buried him in the chiefest of the sepulchres of the sons of David: and all Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem did him honour at his death. And Manasseh his son reigned in his stead.
As a result of Hezekiah and Isaiah’s prayers the Lord sent an angel to cut off all of Assyria’s mighty men of valor. Sennecherrib went home in shame and defeat. When you commit your way to the Lord – God will deprive your enemies of their allies and the people they are trusting in to help destroy you. Learn to leave things in God’s hands and only do what He tells you to do. Fight the battle in the prayer chamber first and you might not have to lift a hand against the enemy. Ask the Father to occupy your enemies elsewhere. You will be amazed the lengths that God will go to in removing the enemy from your gate and giving you peace without firing a shot.
After the battle ends and siege if over the people realize what a high level of favor Hezekiah walks in with God. They come to Hezekiah with gifts and financial blessings. They understand in reality that giving to Hezekiah is giving to God because he is God’s man. Hezekiah was greatly magnified in the land because of what God did for him but unfortunately he didn’t give all the glory to God.
Apparently of all the gifts and financial reward the people brought to Hezekiah was not reciprocated by Hezekiah to the Lord. He didn’t render to the Lord due benevolence. Never forget to remember the Lord in your time of blessing. Giving is spiritual warfare. Don’t just give in the midst of the fight – give liberally afterward as well lest the appearance of being strong in your own might cause you to fall short of God’s best. Hezekiah fell ill and ever after a 15 year reprieve we know that he died before his time – unnecessarily because he failed to give God the glory.

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