Feedback: Not in 40 Years as a Believer…

Lives are being changed and brought to breakthrough at Father’s Heart Ministry!
From one recent encounter: “…I received prophetic ministry from Russ recently. Honestly, it was one of the best spiritual experiences I have had in 40 years as a believer. I came away with very clear direction, which means I can pursue with confidence exactly what God has for me. No more wasting time and resources pursuing other things – I can now focus my efforts on God’s very best for me. I now have more faith and confidence to reach much higher levels in God because of the encouragement and prophetic insight I received. As far as value goes, I have paid many $$$ for secular counseling, etc. over the years. I would exchange 10 of those sessions for one prophetic word from Russ without thinking twice. God’s word and the prophetic truly bring genuine breakthrough! Priceless. My advice to you, do not hesitate for a moment!”

S.B. in Australia

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Other Comments

  • Deborah Miller says:

    Every morning since I found you many years ago, you have blessed and confirmed me, given me strength to go on in some very tough times and good times as well. Thank you all and bless you all.

  • Highest glory be to God oh saints in Christ and abundant blessed greetings to you Father Russ and mom Kitty.

    What a blessing you have been to me! A couple of months ago( around April/May or so) I sent a prayer request and received the response from you.

    In my prayer request, I asked for a release from employment to pursue a passive income opportunity stream. I was employed in a very straining institution in all ways, emotionally, financially, spiritually and physically. I left home 6 am to return 6pm. I hardly spent time with my children, I was at most times exhausted,my salary was cut,etc.

    Your word came with the Father’s nod that He is for me. Today, I write to you from the comfort of my home, it has been 13 days that I have been set free from that employment institution. As you said in the word sent to me from the LORD that “radical faith will be required,” well it was just that, God appeared to me in the middle of nowhere and commanded me to leave and to leave now. I had to jump ship there and then, and the release is bringing a lot more revelation to a lot of things I was captive of. I am being more set free and healed.

    I thank God for His word. I am in now pursuing the very income stream I spoke of in my prayer request, and I will soon be writing again to testify that I have begun to earn from it and to lay the fruits thereof at your feet father Russ and mom Kitty.

    Glory to God!

  • All GLORY and HONOR to the Living GOD. How I love Our Father, HE is an awesome GOD. All I want to do is to serve the HOLY TRINITY my whole life, HE is my Life. May the LORD take the GLORY for what HE has done for your ministry, you truly are the dwellers of the Father’s ministry. I thank GOD for that and may the LORD bless you above people for being obedient for HIS word and serving your children. How grateful I am to be used by the Mighty GOD!!!
    All what is prophesied is true. I have had so many confirmations with you and all the GOD’s people. I know HIS words are true and I am 100 percent sure that it will come to pass what the LORD said. All Praises and Honor to the Living HOLY SPIRIT, without the HOLY SPIRIT this prophecy might not be possible. All Glory, Honor and Praises to ABBA YAHUVEH, IMMA RUACH ha KODESH and my LORD and SAVIOR YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH the one who was crucified for Us. !!!

  • Ilaya Frank says:

    At a time I think I’m at the pick of anxiety, fear of my past, uncertainty of my future and confused about my entire life, I bump into FHM on Facebook, and decided to request for a personal prophecy. Surprisingly, without making donation (don’t even have), I received an Email from Prophet Russ and Kitty. Every stanza of the writing was God addressing every aspects of my life- past, present and future. It was a confirmation and in-depth explanation of the words of knowledge I received from the Holy Spirit. Now I have a clear direction. God bless you Sir. I love you.

  • Tarila jombo says:

    Am glad to hear from you, thank you very much for your word of prophecy. May God continue to bless your ministry

  • Thank you so much for the prophetic word. I know that God is moving in my every situation and i have the victories through christ Jesus. God bless.

  • Thank you Prophet Russell for responding to my request and as usual you were
    Very accurate I am going through a very hard time both Financially and also at work, you heard the father say that the enemy is is trying to get my mind off of the harvest. You said that the father is saying this assignment is over and that he is gaving me a new-assignment, I really feel that my time in this position and in that facility is over. The Father said that I should trust him and I am doing just that. I can now breathe a sigh of relieve.
    Amen Praise God for you Prophet Russell.

  • peace be withe you prophets Russell and Kitty. I thank God and you also for your service, because you have given me confermamation, encouragement, of consolations and derecives, they are really edifying God bless you yet. Elie about asseradje

  • JENNIFER says:

    Thank you for my prophetic is accurate with what i have been struggling and questioning God..Ive been having a really hard time this year and so sometimes it feels like God has forgotten me and given up on me..But it’s good to know now that all God is asking me to do is to have patience and be diligent.i will sow my seeds in God’s time..

  • Mitzi McGhee says:

    I received a prophetic word about 2 or 3 days ago from Prophet Russ and I do want to say Thank You. I believe it was an on time word and much need. It was full of Gods Grace n Mercy and gave me a sense of His Peace that will soon fully manifest in my Life. The last several months have been full of change for me and I have been feeling very uneasy and unsure of what’s happening…And I do feel something major and big happening spiritually that will manifest itself outwardly in the days weeks months ahead…..Anyhow, thank you for your sacrifices and love towards God’s people and His call on your lives to bring Hope and Comfort to me and many others…I may request a deeper counseling/ prophetic session soon if this extreme uneasiness doesnt lift soon. Thanks and Best Regards!

  • Loraine says:

    I just received the prophetic dream interpretation and it is soooo accurate. And it confirms the things I have been struggling with.
    I know now what direction to take. And I am so blessed by this. You don’t know half of it.
    I really appreciate your ministry. And I will bless it. And God bless you, and your staff. Thank you very very much

  • Thank you Russell for the word I received last night. You have no idea how perfect the timing of this word was in my life, down to the hour I received it last night. I was blown away by the confirmations, in every paragraph, of what God has been speaking to me over the last 5 months, two weeks, and yes, even earlier in the morning. All this as I face a huge trial in the world’s eyes that by now has gone from a huge mountain, to a small hurdle in my mind’s eye, hahaha! God is so good! Thank you.

  • Jacinta Nzioka says:

    I want to thank God for the prophetic word I received from you servants of the Most High God.The word resonates wholly with me for it’s a confirmation of things God is doing in my life and a confirmation of other servants of God.I have prayed every prayer to be blessed with a well paying job but my situation hasn’t changed I still don’t have a job until I asked God when will be my turn.
    I have surrendered my life to God and He is doing great things and I just praise and worship Him. Thank you and God bless you mightily.

  • Thanks some one recommended your ministry a while ago and I never had the chance to check it until now. The word I received was not only accurate but very edifying. It confirmed what God had already spoken to me personally and thru some of His servants. Awesome word, very edifying.

  • Loraine says:

    Thank you Russ and Kitty for the prophetic word. I feel encouraged especially since it is a very difficult period right now.
    I will do what it says to write it down and war with this word.
    Thank you very much and I’ll keep you posted how things turned out

  • Melissa says:

    Hi Russ,just received my prophetic word you sent ,I definitely know your on target ,have had much come against my business which is a dance schoolm,you even referenced dance in my word and I left you no indication of anything I do ,I have been feeling I need to open a 2nd location for quite sometime and have had struggle with finances etc because I own a large building and due to so many other dance schools opening around me it def put a strain on my location now ,plus the enemy came in strong and caused me some business ,please continue to pray for my school and that every plan of the enemy be destroyed ,the word was a definite blessing and very much needed,God Bless and please if you feel at anytime a word needs to come forth please feel free to release it,praying now for a new location and God to continue to supply mightily my current location

  • Denise Perry says:

    Russ and kathy you sent me prophecy it was very unexpected. Im sitting in my chair just weak from tbst word. Hiw did you know God gave me psalm 91 sevret place of the most high. I mean everything you said was on point. I got to meet u guys. In Gods timing i will donate. Please be the prophets in my life.

  • Most of my mornings start with a daily prophetic message from Father’s Heart. I love the messages filled with biblical verses and encouragement.
    I also recieved a reply to my request a little while ago. God bless you.

  • Fiona says:

    Just want to say thank you so much for the prophetic counselling which I received .. Absolutely invaluable , timely wise counsel and has given me hope and a good perspective .. And more peace of mind and heart

  • Yolanda izquierdo santini says:

    I am so blessed with the word,I get from you fathersheartministry.that apply to me and is confirmation to what the Lord has speaking to me through dreams,my God,God bless you all,and I received and claim this word of the Lord in my life in Jesus mighty name 🙌🙌,I am so excited.Thank you Lord,and God continue blessings you.Amen

  • Please pray for my sons father for complete deliverance. He was backslidden but rededicated his life to Christ 5 years ago. He is still struggling with anger management and doesn’t really have a relationship with our sons, that God will bring the father’s heart back to his sons and the sons’ hearts back to the father.

  • Fayy says:

    Thank you for your words of wisdom incorporated with a word of knowledge March 2018. In a time of desperation. I am still working on it, praying and praising it through.
    Amen. I have donated too


    • Hello Jack! Please go to to learn more about the ministry. Some things that you will see is that you can submit your request for a prophetic word, listen live to the daily (Monday-Friday) audio broadcast called Morning Light (Bible study), and learn more about our online Prophetic School among other things. I would like to also encourage you (if you have not already) to subscribe to the Daily Prophetic Word which you can find on our website as well. God bless you!

    • Hi Prophets

  • eating breakfast at an evangelical function in Denver, Marriott; ten people at my table, talking to an elderly woman, she has no name tag to get in to the room, the LORD had me look towards the others at the table, they had all left and they hadn’t touched their food, strange I thought. Fast forward to me and her leaving to go to the meeting, I stopped to use the restroom while she waited, when exiting the restroom, she was gone, and standing in the very place she stood was a homeless man, I figured she couldn’t wait, as I walked by the homeless man, I gave him a bit of a salutation and walked the three hundred yards to the escalator, upon my arrival, the LORD had me look to the left, and there that homeless man is, looking at me the way he did when I walked out of the restroom; strange, how did he run by me and me not see it, so he could be standing here like he’s waiting for me, I walked up to him,and he said,”are you going to church? I said yes, then he began saying over and over that JESUS is coming, and I must add, that his speech was littered with a violent stutter, until he spoke the whole truth and said, JESUS doesn’t know when, only GOD knows, but JESUS is coming real soon, those words, he spoke with no stutter at all.

  • You have been such a blessing to people, I always look forward to your prophetic word each day. May you be blessed ten folds.. Amen

  • When we hunger and thirst as the deer pants for the living water,then our souls will long for more of God ,our spirit must desire more of the holy spirit or our flesh will seek after the things that satisfy the flesh