The Father Says Today: February 19th, 2017

The Father Says Today: February 19th, 2017

The Father says today, authenticity in the prophetic arises from falling in love with My process. Validity in a prophetic walk in My kingdom for you is not about hastening to the outcome at the end, but in relishing the process by which I take you to the place I have promised you. All haste, all demand to pick up the pace, every complaint of the duration of the process arises out of unbelief, doubt and fear. Stop complaining about the process and the pace – just enjoy the ride. You know what the outcome is. How many times must I prove over and again what I ratified on the cross? You know how this turns out, don’t you? You have experience in My kingdom. You aren’t a novice casting about, worrying if any of this is true. You know Me and you know My handiwork. Stop worrying. Break the habit of unbelief and just settle in to the place of trust.
The process you engage in with Me is what enriches you. This is the process by which you prospect the gold out of the mountain of adversity in front of you. We are not leaving until you have followed out and mined every vein of the precious ore of My goodness out of this mountain the enemy has so politely put in your way. You didn’t have to go far to find it – wasn’t that nice of the enemy to make it this easy? So take the pick axe of your faith and put your trust in Me and “heave ho” against that rock of difficulty and see what happens when it splits open and renders up the ore – the precious yellow ore of My goodness to enrich you and enlarge you, yea even for years to come. This is what it looks like to press into the kingdom beloved. This is what you were born for and this is what you are good at. Quit complaining and have at it! You will come away with the gold of God in your sack and a testimony worth sharing.

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