The Father says today, leave all judgments about your past behind. Relinquish the option to assess, evaluate, or weigh out the prospects of your tomorrow based on the disappointments of the past or even the present. Quiet yourself. Choose to have no opinion, for Beloved, the luxury of opinion becomes the shackle that restrains your hopes and limits your dreams. Dare to look beyond what you have known and dream the bigger dream. Dare to hope for something different, something better than what circumstance has dictated in your situation. Know that I am here and I am working. You are not alone.

I am all about highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled. There is no dream so big that I would say no, you can’t have that or no, you can’t do that. When I walked the earth I issued the blanket hope that was expressed as “all things are possible, only believe…” Believest thou this? Are you willing, are you prepared to shake yourself from the self-imposed limitation that failure is the only outcome waiting for you? Listen to My voice, says the Father. I am speaking in the silence between your own thoughts saying, “this is the way – walk you in it…” New hope, new life awaits only the occasion of your willingness to respond to that one great hope I hold out to you and for you this day.


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