The Father says today, embrace the process. Lose the attitude. Keep pressing in to the Glory! Lose the attitude of negativity. Negativity, pessimism and sarcasm are not once named in the heavens. Let your mind and spirit yield to the “as in heaven, so on earth” mentality. You are not being naïve when you choose to think only upon those things that are pure, just, lovely and of good report. You are where your attention takes you. Do you really want to take a nose dive into that world of problems, torment, fear and difficulty that the world wants to surround you with and entertain you with? This is the observation effect that causes the elements of your life to respond to the attenuation you give them. Focus on My throne. Focus on My goodness. Give yourself over to My gospel, for My gospel is the good news.

As you give yourself over to My gospel – then the Good News of My kingdom will set the preamble for what happens next in your life. Give up on the negative. Come out of the darkness. Wrap your mind up and every thought with thoughts of faith, trust and rejoicing because this is heaven-come-to-earth season for you. Though all the world vanish and be swept away in one vast cataclysm, when your heart is set on Me and My promise – you will be left standing. You will be left standing and those that are around you will want to know about the hope that I have placed in you. You are an ambassador of hope, and I say to you that you are coming out. You are coming out of lifelessness into the glory and blessing and rejoicing of My throne.

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  • Carolmay says:

    May You honor the words of the prophet this day in Jesus mighty name!

  • christian says:

    Amen, I beleve

  • Johnny E. says:

    REJOICE, and again I say REJOICE ! amen

  • Jeba. says:

    Amen.Thank you Father. Glory to Jesus.
    I will rejoice!!!

  • Robearh says:

    I declare and decree I Am Coming Out !!!! Coming out of Lack !!! Coming Out of Limitations !!!
    Coming Out of Poverty !!! Coming Out of Set-Backs !!! Coming Out of Not Enough, into More
    Than Enough, for I Am the Head and Not the Tail, The Lender and Not the Borrower. I Am
    Abundant. Limitless. I;m joint heirs with my Father. I have the mind of Christ, seated in
    heavenly places with him. Blessed to be a Blessings. I am Wealthy. I am Coming into the
    Glory, for it is all around me, in me, behind me above me, it is inside, ready to manifest
    into my Now Season. Hallelujah !!!! Thank you Jesus !!! Glory, Glory, Higher Praises,
    unto you Father God !!!! Amen !!!!

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