Russell and Kitty Walden are founders of Father’s Heart Ministry based in Branson, Missouri. They have travelled in ministry here in the US and internationally since 2007. Russ grew up as a 3rd generation Assemblies of God minister and was ordained with the AG in 1984 in Louisiana. Kitty hails from California and served on staff with a church in the Four-Square denomination and was also president of a Women’s Aglow chapter in Camarillo, CA. Russ pastored full time from 1982 to 1995 when he was chosen as the assistant general overseer of the Bible Way Association of churches in southeast Missouri. Kitty was a restaurateur and pastor in Seymour, Missouri for many years before moving to Branson to work in the entertainment district there, managing promotions for “The Promise” theatre, a production of the life of Jesus from birth to ascension.

Russ and Kitty move in the prophetic and have seen many signs, miracles and wonders including 2 resurrections from the dead! Russ and Kitty’s unique background enables them to minister with the heart of a pastor and the zeal of the prophet. Every day they send out “The Daily Prophetic Word” to over 47,000 subscribers around the world. They also conduct a live week day morning Bible study, going through the bible chapter by chapter. The Morning Light Daily Bible Study reaches a listenership of over 24,000 subscribers with more listening daily from as far away as Beijing, China and Siberian Russia. Russ and Kitty also conduct an online prophetic school that has graduated over 2000 students in the last 4 years, teaching them the practics of mature prophetic ministry intended to benefit and bless the body of Christ through the activation of the Gifts of the Spirit according to 1 Cor. 12:4-12.

In the last year, Russ and Kitty launched an evangelism initiative online at Through this new initiative, we have seen over 800 people come to a first-time commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ and many, many rededications to Christ as well. Each time someone surrenders to Jesus we connect with them and give them a 52-week basic bible course. We also introduce them to one of our team of 200+ intercessors who commit to pray for the needs of new converts. We also introduce them to our online web church ministry at and to our Facebook “e-Church” forum where they can find encouragement and fellowship to augment the local church connection we encourage them to find.

Father’s Heart Ministry maintains a focus to take total advantage of social media and the internet for the spread of the gospel. Coupled with that emphasis Russ and Kitty are committed to relationship building with local churches and groups throughout the US and Western Europe. They have ministered in churches both large and small and in 2013 preached for several days to an estimated audience of 30 million Hispanics on a Houston based Hispanic Christian television network. We believe we are living on the cusp of a new, coming Great Awakening in our nation and around the world. In moving from pastoral to prophetic ministry in the last 10 years our emphasis has been “love never fails” and that prophesy is for edification, exhortation and comfort – not to tear down the saints or to unnecessarily burden the hearts of believers. We see ourselves washing the feet of the people in the prophetic to empower them to reach their destiny in God.

Frequently Asked Questions:
For answers to your questions watch the video and read the section below.

Russell and Kitty Walden are founders of Father’s Heart Ministry based in Branson, Missouri. They travel internationally and in the United States ministering in the prophetic. Prophet Russ brings a new dimension to the prophetic through activation and impartation of God’s voice in your life. Russ and Kitty come from a long history in business world and in full time pastoral ministry as well. They emphasize that ‘Love Never Fails, no one is disposable and everybody counts.” They do move in personal prophesy as well as teaching and preaching so feel free to submit your request and expect to receive something special from God for your life.

Is Father’s Heart Ministry a church?

Yes. We are both a church and an outreach ministry. We both travel internationally, maintain local meetings in Branson, Missouri and webchurch at For information on local meetings e-mail us at You are welcome to visit our online church presence at Here you may attend live online meetings, enjoy on demand videos, and request a pastoral call. We conduct regular live prayer events, weekly teachings, live gatherings, online forums, classes and fellowship opportunities which you may learn all about as our guest at

Why are you selling prophetic words?

This is a common question we receive but no, we do not sell prophetic words. We encourage, but do not require donations for any reason. God’s word is not for sale, however as with all Christian ministries we do encourage giving. Please allow me to suggest a few scriptures: Was Samuel selling a prophetic word in 1 Sam. 9:7 when Saul brought him a gift? When God told the Israelites not to appear before Him empty was He teaching them to merchandise the anointing (Ex. 23:15)? Was Paul prostituting his anointing when he said those that preach the gospel should live of the gospel (1 Cor. 9:14)? In Matt. 10:8-10 did Jesus really mean that ministers should not receive gifts when He said “freely you received, freely give”? If so then why does the same passage say “the workman is worthy of his hire…”

After many generations the prophetic is still not widely accepted or acknowledged. Pastors take up offerings for their expenses without complaint but the prophetic is not seen as having that legitimacy. Changing minds takes time. We actually REQUEST not REQUIRE donation – – our ministers respond to 100’s at times 1000’s of requests with maybe 1 in a 100 that honors God enough to support the ministry they ask for … so I respect your right to an opinion and trust you will at the very least ponder what light the passages above might give.

Do you require donation for prophetic requests?

NO. We encourage donations but we respond as possible to every request that comes in donation or not. Like any other ministry (such as your local church), donations are needful to pay the expenses related to what we do. This is self evident in our view but out of kindness we want to answer the question because it comes up occasionally. There are many scripture references that speak of this, one of which speaks directly to prophetic ministry (please look up 1 Sam. 9:6-9 – it couldn’t be clearer.) Requests are not ignored simply because someone does not donate.

I made a request some time ago. Where is my personal prophecy?

It can take as long as 30 days to hear from us. If you have waited longer than that please use the follow up link to request attention to this matter. You need to put our e-mail address  ( in your contacts and safe sender list. Then check your spam filters and folders and you should find the prophetic word we sent to you there. If not please request a FOLLOW UP HERE  and we will look into this further.

How do I request personal prophecy?

To proceed simply fill out the form located under the “request” link above.

I submitted a request for ministry. When will I receive My prophetic word?

Your prophetic word will arrive within 30 days. If you do not receive it in that time check your spam filters and contact us if necessary.

I want to learn more about the prophetic gifts and how to hear the voice of God. Do you have a class I can take?

Yes. You can join the PROPHETIC INTERNSHIP ACTIVATION course. You will receive 12 Weeks of lessons, videos, mentoring and prophetic activation assignments.

How do I subscribe to the Daily Prophetic Word?

The Daily Prophetic Word is open to all as our free gift to you. Simply use the subscription form on the home screen and you will be subscribed.

Do you minister directly over the phone?

Yes. We make ourselves available for PROPHETIC COUNSELING and PASTORAL CALLS. See the links on the left.

What is the difference between an audio prophetic word via e-mail and prophetic counseling?

Prophetic Counseling is more interactive and involves more time (up to one hour or more).

I am interested in having you as a guest. Do you travel in ministry?

Yes we would be honored to minister to groups of all sizes. We minister in churches, conferences, businesses, and prophetic small groups as well. Contact us at for more information.

Do you sell personal prophecy or sell your services?

No we do not. We address every request that comes to us according to our ability and available time. Your donation if you choose to make one is not a purchase. We do not sell personal prophecy, prophetic counseling, or dream interpretation.

The word of God is free. Do you provide services that do not involve donation?

Yes. We send out the daily prophetic word, teachings, prophetic words, etc. to thousands each month without donation. Your contributions if you choose to do so make this ministry available to tens of thousands every month.

Can you advise me on my legal problems or medical condition?

Prophetic ministry, prophecy, prayer or counsel provided by Father’s Heart Ministry or its representatives is no substitute for financial advice; legal counsel, medical treatment or opinion.

Do you have a 501c3 Letter of Determination?


What is the monetary value of the different ministries you provide?

None. Prophetic prayer, counsel, or teaching is spiritual in nature and therefore does not have an intrinsic monetary value. What you give is a reflection of your appreciation for the benefit you derive from what you receive.

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Other Comments

    • GTAdmin says:

      Hi Elyse, we apologize for the delay. We have located your request and it will be reassigned and placed back in the queue. You should receive your word soon, so please allow additional time. We appreciate your understanding. God Bless you.

  • Maureen says:

    Thanks and blessing to all whom I receive a prophetic word from. We serve a speaking God .I was uplifted and encourage . I pray for Uncommon Favor and Ocean of Blessing upon this ministry in Jesus Name.Amen.

  • Mike Hendrick says:

    Russ and Kitty have become dear friends to me over the last little while. It has been an honour to serve with them when they came to Edmonton. They have been a real blessing to me and strengthened me in some very difficult situations and spoke words of hope to me. I am still waiting the full manifestation of the words given but am thankful for their ministry and encouragement.

  • Brother, you know as soon as i get some seeds, i will be back, and it is not gonna take long!

  • Thank You for your Word, Truth is what i stand on and Praise God for TRUTH in you!

  • Barbara says:

    All I can say is that these are truly people of God. How else would they know what they know in their Daily Prophetic and personal prophecies unless God himself reveals it to them. They never cease to amaze me. I look forward to reading what they have to say daily and can’t wait to get my personal prophecy. it is my prayer that God continual presence be in and with them as well as His blessings as they continue to impart and bless those that are blessed to cross path with them, Barbara.

  • Jackie says:

    I thank God for the Daily word, may God continue to bless your work, because it has truly blessed me and does daily, I love you Pastor and your wife, for sharing your gift with the body of Christ. Thank you your sister in Christ Jackie

  • Thank you for being faithful to speak what is on the heart of God our heavenly Father in Jesus name. Please pray for my family and I. God Bless both of you in Jesus mighty name, Amen.
    I am also requesting my personal prophecy for 2016. Thank you. Mary Jane

  • E. Johnson says:

    Thank you for your prophetic word. It brought confirmation to what I was sensing in my spirit. Thank God for your ability and look forward to hearing more of what God has for my life from you.

  • Dear Children of God,

    I received the prophecy word two days back, usually I get daily prophetic words from some other churches, I did not open it for two days by thinking that way, but today morning some how i could able to open the mail and saw it, there it was mentioned like it is your personnel prophecy word by Father, there i got attention. I never mentioned about my family and how many are we. But the man of God told me we are one boy and two girls, its true i have one sister and one younger brother. Whatever he said, its true. I was like wow.. they are really God chosen people that is why they could able to tell what i have. I am waiting for HIS time. Meanwhile i would like to meet the couple in church, if you could let me know the address, i will attend church one day. Praise the Lord for your prophetic word.

  • Barbara says:

    Greetings to both of you,i thank god for leading me to your website while searching out the prophetic online a few months ago. Your ministry has truly been a blessing to me. I signed up for/receives a daily prophetic word from you. These prophecies are so powerful,so much so until i forwarded thm to my daughter who as of today has signed up for her own. I could go on and on but will stop here. Keep up the good work as God continues to bless both of you(your ministry)with His presence,favor and power.

  • To God Be The Glory
    I, a Bond Servant called by God to follow Jesus The Christ, I bring you greetings from My Father’s House,
    I am so wonderous regarding your website and all the information I have found there. I have wondered for all of my 68 years, what was happening to me, (in my 50’s). I was a long time member of the AME Methodist faith. While in my late to early 50’s, I surrendered totally to my Lord and Savior, and was moved to study more deeply, and to learn more about My Jesus. I have been counseling from the age of 13. I never knew the Apostolic/Prophetic before; however My Father has poured out His Spirit on His Daughter, and I recently have been told that I Am His Prophetic Counselor. I am now a late blooming Ordained Pastor, believing God for a building (center) for Prayer, Healing and Teaching. I know I will continue to minister to many Nations (local, Nationally and internationaly).
    I have thoroughly studied your Prophetic Word every day from January 1, to 14, 2015. I know in my Spirit you are speaking what you hear from the Lord. Your words speak directly to my Spirit. There are 3 things I have made a covenant with the Lord for:
    1. I will continue to be obedient, to priortize my life with His presence, to hearing His voice, & doing His will always.
    2. I will learn more of my Lord, (so I will enroll in your classes & Internship program.
    3. I will partner with your ministry, (I don’t have much).
    I want to continue hearing from your ministry, and to receive my own Prophetic Word.
    Thank you so much for receiving my email. I wait to hear from you, soon

    His Bond Servant
    Dr. Covington

  • I received a prophetic word at the request of Russ and Kitty. God is very good. He is never late, always believing in me, always affirming everything He’s always said. The word I received was exactly what it said it would be, encouraging, uplifting and exhorting. I will be obedient to my Divine Beloved. I love Him first always not only for what He did 2,000 years ago, but for right now, this moment and the moment I heard this word. Thank you for your faithfulness. Also wanted you to know I am praying for the state of Missouri during this time in our nation’s history.

  • brian says:

    I live in Cape Town South Africa and would like to receive a prophetic word. Is this ministry available to South Africa?

  • Sarah Townend says:

    Thank you so much for your daily word. It is springs of water in the desert.

  • Elizabeth says:

    I got your word Mr. Walden, after a long period, it was GODS will though, HIS timing is always perfect. It came at a time just when I needed it and since then the restoration that GOD spoke to you for my family is all falling into place. Within the month of receiving it GOD is laying things in our lap from situations that were very trying in our past……..God has his hand in this….All of this transpired 7 years ago…It is time for my family’s restitution…..7 fold…. GOD is giving us back what was taken. I am dancing in Advance…My miracle is here. It only takes the faith of a mustard seed.

    God Bless

  • Paula Harding says:

    Hello Russ

    Thank you for being God’s faithful vessel to bring God’s word to us.

    I am still waiting for my personal prophetic word please. I have checked my spam mail and there is nothing there.

    I have made my donation via pay pal and did get a receipt.

    Look forward to hearing from you, another follower in South Africa.
    Thank you Russ and Kitty and may God bless you both for your wonderful work.

  • thank you for being God’s vessel in our time.I so want to make a donation but am from another country which its currency is not an option in the donation form(South Africa).This has challenged me a lot of times since I don’t know how to use the $ currency.Please help me as i have been trying to do this for some time,God bless you.

  • Hallelujah! I’d like to say thank you for daily prophetic words that encourage me a lot. Even though I’ve been as a Christian almost 20 years, sometimes I don’t know what I have to do and forget about my identity. Every day God’s word make me refresh and give me a strength, hope and joy. I was deeply down these days but after I got prophetic word from you my mind is totally stir up and can remember who I am child of most high God. Russ, Thank you and Bless you and your family and your ministries.

  • CLIFFORD says:


  • Pastor MEL says:


  • All I can say is that these are truly people of God. How else would they know what they know in their Daily Prophetic and personal prophecies unless God himself reveals it to them. They never cease to amaze me. I look forward to reading what they have to say daily and can’t wait to get my personal prophecy. it is my prayer that God continual presence be in and with them as well as His blessings as they continue to impart and bless those that are blessed to cross path with them, Barbara.