Dividends of Your Blessings are Being Released from the Vaults of Heaven

The Father says today, let praise be on your lips for the hour of change you’ve cried out for is now breaking in your life. Praise Me and rejoice! Get noisy, says God, for you are coming out of hiding into rejoicing for all I have done, am doing, and am about to do. I am the doer of that which is done in your circumstance, says the Father, and you can trust, and you can praise Me in advance for the dividends of blessing that are accruing the bank account with your name on it in the vaults of heaven. You grieved, and you saw the injustice of it all, but My hand will not seem asleep forever, says the Father. Will not the Judge of the earth do right? Yes, I will move speedily and do a complete work in your situation, and great will be the rejoicing of your heart in that hour!

I Praise and Rejoice in Advance for My Accrued Blessings are Being Released Today!

Text PROPHET to 44321 and Sow Your Faith into This Word

Now I am gathering together the waters and the storehouses around you, says God. The host of heaven by the breath of My mouth is surrounding you and upholding you as you traverse the territory under your feet in this season. As you move forward, it will seem intimidating, but I will put the fear – MY FEAR in all that look on to molest you, and they will not lay one hand upon you as you come into your blessing place, says God. These are My counsels, says the Father, as I bring you into the inheritance of sons and cause you to experience all that I promised so long ago in My word and by My prophets in your situation.

I Receive the Inheritance of a Child of God and Come into All of His Good Promises Even Now!

Text PROPHET to 44321 and Sow Your Faith into This Word

My angels are encamped round about you this day, says God. Get ready for the unusual, the different, and even strange occurrences around you taking place as the angels come near and begin to alter the trajectory of situations toward your favor and your blessing. You’ve been faint, and you’ve been weary; thus, the ministering angels are soothing and comforting you in the night. It seems you’ve been outnumbered and outgunned by the enemy; hence the warring angels are bringing bombardment from heaven against all the work of the enemy against you. You will stand still and see My salvation, and you will rejoice, for your God has done great things on your behalf even this day.

Warring Angels are Bringing Bombardment Against all the Work of Enemy Against Me!

Text PROPHET to 44321 and Sow Your Faith into This Word

This is a moment and a season to let your tongue cleave to the roof of your mouth and your words to be few in the house of contention. Remember that contention only comes by pride, and I haven’t called you to contend but to trust and know I am working when others are taking matters vainly into their own hands. I see your brokenness, says God. I am near to you. I see your contrition. It doesn’t matter if anyone else sees or is convinced you’ve had a heart change – all that you need to know is that I SEE and I KNOW, and I am pouring out My mercy upon you even this day, says the Father!

I Receive God’s Mercy Poured Out Upon Me This Day!

Text PROPHET to 44321 and Sow Your Faith into This Word

What a word. Praise God! You know, 2 Chron. 20:20 says, “believe the prophets” and this is one of those moments. Sometimes prophets prophesy because they see coming for you.123 Then sometimes they prophesy from a level of oracle prophecy we mentioned last week. Oracle prophecy is when the thing God promises you happens BECAUSE THE PROPHET SAYS IT. The prophet doesn’t merely see it coming; they are prophesying it into existence. I declare this is your portion today. Believe for God’s best. Expect radical and immediate outcomes. Act in faith and lay hold of the impossible and see it become a manifest reality in your life! As we said last week – this is your AMAZEMENT SEASON, for we serve an amazing God!

Listen – responding to the word IN THE MOMENT is something Kim Clement taught us. Act now – and sow into this word. Sow bountifully. Sow according to what you need and want God to do in your situation. This is your time – make a move! What is the dimension of your seed? What do you need? Let the extent of the seed you sow reflect the dimension of what you believe for financially. God told us once, “If you have faith to give $10,000, you have faith to receive $1,000,000! Wow! That statement will locate you, won’t it! What you have faith to give – determines what you have faith to receive. Be a receiver in your giving today of the radical return. Radical giving produces radical results back into your life!

The Blessings and Anointing on FHM are Mine NOW as I Partner with this Ministry!

Now – take a step of faith and to go to www.fathersheartministry.net and sow into this
breakthrough word for your situation. Plant a sacrificial seed into what God does next in your life.

ANNOUNCEMENT! We Now Have Text to Give:

Text the word PROPHET to 44321

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(If you use one of these two options please send us your e-mail and
donation amount to katie.kahrefhm@gmail.com so we can properly credit your gift. Thanks)

Go to www.fathersheartministry.net and sow into this
breakthrough word for your situation.

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To Give by Phone:

You may also call our office at 417-593-9802 to make your donation. Ask for our assistant Katie or Georgette, and they will help you. If the lines are busy, leave a voice mail, and we will call you back.

To Give by Mail:
Father’s Heart Ministry
P.O. Box 1915
Branson, Missouri 65615

Remember, every word mixed with faith immediately begins to come to pass. Your donation is your step of faith, believing. When something leaves your hand to God, something leaves His hand to you. There is power in this word to TURN THINGS AROUND for you and move your life in the direction highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled.


Prophet Russ Walden

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