Cast Your Nets for a Financial Miracle!

Today is Giving Day!

In Luke 5:1-11, Peter needed a fish miracle. He’d fished all night and caught nothing. He needed more fish. What do you need more of? It seems sometimes no matter how hard you work the doesn’t seem to be enough paycheck at the end of the month to meet the need? Isn’t that what happens at times?

“You and Peter have something in common –

you both need a miracle –

and today is your day!”

In Luke 5:1-11, Peter was frustrated. He’d fished all night and caught nothing. He needed more fish. Where is the point of YOUR need? Today is the day for:

A Miracle of Provision!

Praise God, Peter was in need, and Jesus stepped into the situation just like He stepping into your situation today through this e-mail. What did Jesus find Peter doing? Peter was mending his nets. What was the point of that? Had Peter not spent all night WITH THOSE NETS and caught NOTHING?

Peter was Maintaining what wasn’t Working For Him!

Think about it. Those nets hadn’t caught Peter a single fish, and yet he is sitting there putting all his effort into maintaining what wasn’t working. Are you doing that? Putting all your energy and effort out, but things aren’t getting any better? We have a solution for you from God’s word!

Let Down Your Financial Nets for a Miracle!

You only need to do what Jesus told Peter to do. Let down your financial nets for a miracle. Interestingly Jesus told Peter to let down his “nets” plural – more than one – but in v. 5 Peter ONLY PUT DOWN ONE-SINGULAR NET. It wasn’t one of the nets Peter had spent all night cleaning. It was one apparently that Peter hadn’t used that night. Probably a rotten, useless net that he didn’t care whether he cleaned it or not. That is why when the miracle came, the rotten net broke!

Peter Repented! Isn’t NOW Your Blessing Time, Too?

Doesn’t that make sense in the light of the fact that in v. 8 Peter falls at Jesus’ feet in repentance for being a sinful man? What sin? The sin of not obeying God and believing for the miracle Jesus was promising.

This is Your Moment –  Take Action Now!

I want you – right now – at THIS LINK to cast your best nets financially out in obedience to this word, believing for the ABUNDANCE God has for you. You may have toiled “all night,” but I prophesy to you that this is your moment to cast out your financial faith and receive your financial miracle. Are you ready? Here’s the information – act NOW:

Cast Out for Your Net Breaking Catch Now!

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