A Vision for the Nation – Finding Our Way Forward in Faith

In prayer, the Spirit of God stirred me and brought to mind several visions about the nation and the posture God’s people should take in the days ahead. These visions include that of an American flag being devoured by an individual wearing an Uncle Sam outfit and the second vision that of the Statue of Liberty turning her torch into a handgun and firing upon the homeland. These striking images symbolize the crisis of individualism, chaos of the woke agenda, strained race relations, and escalating gun violence in the nation. A false understanding of liberty and the American spirit has transformed over the last 50 years into a culture espousing radical individualism, resulting in Lady Liberty’s message being distorted. What is the answer? Remember that you can’t solve the problem on the level of the problem. We must “come up higher.” In prayer. In open-eye discernment of watchful intercessors praying not at the level of a kum-by-ya campfire outing but in radical advancement of the kingdom of light against the kingdom of darkness that takes no prisoners. 

The concept of liberty, as explored in scripture, is often juxtaposed with the misuse of personal freedom. In recent decades, liberty has been treated as a form of radical individualism, challenging societal norms and eschewing accountability to any authority outside of personal choice. The pursuit of personal expression has resulted in debauchery and licentiousness, leading to an epidemic of unhappiness rather than true fulfillment. The vision of Lady Liberty that my late spouse had about the same time was of her turning her torch into a handgun which speaks to the current climate of racial and political unrest in the United States. The famous quote displayed on the Statue of Liberty, inviting the tired, poor, and desperate to seek freedom on American shores, seems to be rejected by many Americans today. The post-9/11 climate has given rise to xenophobia and protectionism, resulting in an unfavorable attitude toward immigrants and free trade. This fear and unwillingness to welcome the “unwashed masses” threatens the core values upon which America was built.

While the connection between gun violence, race relations, and political ideologies may be complex, it cannot be ignored that murder rates and violent crimes are increasing at an alarming rate. Despite efforts to militarize the police force, incidents of mass shootings and public uprisings continue. The culture within law enforcement, with the massive assaults against their faithful service, has led to an “us versus them” and a “fortress” mentality. The silence of the church in the face of such injustices is deafening, demanding collective action and, above all, prayer to address racial biases and systemic violence.

Another vision was of an Uncle Sam figure devouring the American flag, which symbolizes how perverted patriotism and personal agendas have eroded national solidarity. Political divisions, race, and an “us versus them” mentality have replaced a united vision of America. The accusation of being unpatriotic for having differing political beliefs has become the norm, further dividing the nation. Even calls for secession in some states demonstrate the eroding sense of loyalty to the nation as a whole.

Though America faces significant challenges, believers are reminded that their hope lies not in politics or revolutionary solutions but in a higher power. Our greatest need is to adopt a posture of prayer, unity, and faith in God to guide and protect America now as He has in decades past. Stand firm, remembering that the Kingdom of God will prevail. Accept the call of God’s Spirit to renew and redouble prayer and a reminder that, even amidst chaos, there is hope and strength to be found through faith. As believers, we must embody this hope and actively engage with the world, praying for guidance and working toward unity in the face of division. Remember, above all things, that the sky is not falling – the kingdom is coming!

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